Oxidation on Trex

Had an old client reach out that thought “whatever we sealed his house and Trex deck with” (2 years ago) was now causing white spots, and they got worse the more it rains… He has really badly oxidized siding that is apparently washing onto his nice, relatively young Trex deck. I can’t find any real info on the ol’ interwebs on this specific issue. Any of you run into it before? He says he already tried a light pressure wash and Simple Green.



I had a client this year that had vertical white siding that was oxidized, and it put white spots on their grey pvc deck. They let it dry on there. I cleaned their siding and just ran my m5 at 45 degree a little closer to the deck and cleaned it up pretty good, still some very light residual there. They didn’t want to pay for the oxidation removal, so I told them it would happen again. Can’t say it would work for you, but that is what I did. I was washing the deck anyway, so I soaped it and let it dwell while working on the green spindles and rails and kept it wet while moving the furniture/grill around. Figure about 7-12 minutes of dwell time.

I don’t know why you guys are sealing houses down there :smiley: Is that an upcharge?

you laugh, I have heard of the phantom “house wax” upsell… at the end of the day, this one isn’t our problem, and I’m just doing the legwork to give the guy any ideas as to what he can do about it. I’m not even interested in doing an oxidation removal above that deck, especially not being as busy as we are with lights

I’ve got to give you credit for taking the time to troubleshoot a “not my fault” issue for a customer. Some of the contractors around me are getting the “go pound sand” mentality after a job. Seriously, it is crazy.

Tell me more about this house waxing… :smiley:

It’s all about service and educating. We gave him some literature on oxidation so he understands it. He knows it wasn’t what we did 2 years ago, but he’d like to know how to address it. We’re the experts, of course he would ask :nerd_face:

We put a lot of effort in to having a database of quality contractors of all sorts to pass on to our clients. We get asked to recommend people to do all sorts of things. It took me forever to find a decent painter (at least one who wouldn’t then try to poach wash jobs after I sent him work, some people are not too bright).