Oxalic Price


What are you ya’ll paying of Oxalic acid? I bought through Florida labs but it’s basically 3.00 per lb. I just found out I could get it from Powerwash.com for 2.00 per lb. 50 lbs for 99.00. Just thought I’d pass this on and if someone has a better price please share.


$65 for 50lbs bag @ PWP I don’t have to pay shipping though I’m only 20 minutes away




You’ll have to look it up . I try and be respectful and not post other vendors info on forums owned by vendors . Advertising is for them to do not me.


I’ll call tomorrow but the only thing I see on their site are the soaps, no other chems. Thanks


If you buy it from an actual vendor, and you can pick it up, a 50# bag will be more like $30


Thanks, trying to find someone like that in my area is proving more challenging than I would have believed possible.


I buy the liquid form. 5gals for $57.


Where are you getting that? Haven’t seen it in liquid before.


Message sent.


There is probably only $5 worth Ox in that


Oh well, I took the easy route and bought 100 lbs of powder for just under 200.00. I’ll more than make my money back many times over. Thanks everyone.


Check amazon or Google. There’s lots of suppliers out there. Pressure washer vendors generally aren’t the best place to buy raw chems.


You’re probably right… I haven’t really checked; however, it does a great job. With that said, I’m going to have to check! Lol


Looked at both Amazon and Google. Everything offered were small quantities and 3.00 per lb and up. I paid 2.00 per pound and no shipping.