Oxalic acid ... spraying

How do you guys spray this?
Spot Sprayer, from store
Hand sprayer
Airless paint sprayer

Pump up sprayer unless you’re gonna use it as much as @florida_condo_cleani

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Pump sprayer does not reach 2 stories

What’s it on?

We have such a rust problem down here I can’t understand why it’s not on every truck.
You can spray it with just about anything.
NT sells small 10-15 gallon 12 volt sprayer for under $200 2.2@70 psi might reach 2 stories if it’s not windy.


I am thinking of getting this one, and replace the pump with a 110v one, and adding a 6 foot wand


Hm. I didn’t see anywhere in your question about reaching 2 stories. Pump sprayers have a decent reach. You could use a ladder…or your brain to figure it out.

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Higher gpm would be better. Flooding an area with OX seems to work best. 2.2gpm would be my minimum. 5gpm plus is what I prefer even for walls

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if you premix it, how long does it last?

@Csteez I asked CaCO3Girl the same thing awhile ago she said it doesent go bad you just have to stir it or shake it because it seperates if it just sits.
I’m building a self mixing ozolic tank for on my new trailer.:grin:


12V, just like the one I posted to you yesterday. 2.2gpm


Awww you remembered, so cool! I also said to add in a dash of phosphoric acid to help keep it in solution. :wink:


@CaCO3Girl yep I totally forgot that part😁

Can you please explain the purpose of adding phosphoric to the mix.

And what do you consider a little bit . Percentage wise ? Please

Phosphoric, like less than 2%, helps keep the oxalic happy in the water. Add in less than 2% surfactant and that stuff will be super happy and not drop out. I honestly don’t know the chemistry behind it, I just know it works.


id go with the 110v over th 12v too, im always paranoid about dead batteries lol

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Thanks I’ll try it. I am concerned about the effects of phosphoric on paint though. I know OX doesn’t hurt it .


well, you could always do a test; but phos is a not so bad acid. It’s in coca cola, if that helps

We used to pour a can of coca cola in the washing machine at work to help take grease stains out of our coveralls when I worked in the motor pool