Overspray into porch

How do any of you handle when a client wants the house washed but not the inside of a screened in porch where if you are cleaning the outside of it , some spray is getting through the screens and they have a lot of stuff in it that can’t be moved ?
Cover it before hand?
Don’t spray HW mix in that area?
Immediately rinse what you can inside ?

walk away

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If the customer doesn’t want it sprayed then just skip over that area, but make sure before you start working that they are aware that you are skipping over that area at their request.

Tricky one. It’s pretty tough to keep that from happening, they’ll need to know you can’t do that section. I’ve gently sprayed the screens off from the inside to prevent them from getting spotted/streaked, but if they don’t want you in the porch at all just pass on that part.

Just rinse in that area. and cover what is in there. And try to keep your house wash from spraying inside of the porch.