Overspray from house wash

We had some over spray on a deck 7-8 droplet spots during a house wash. Deck is un stained. Any tips for blending without having to do the whole deck?

Try sanding to help let it blend. Other than that nothing. Not being stained or sealed dosent help the matter. Sell them a deck cleaning. Tell them their whole deck can look that clean.

If your house wash is strong enough to be leaving spots on a deck, it may be too strong… For housewash mix. How much (percent) SH are you using in your mix?

So its un stained…so basically you cleaned it . It will be dirty in two months. If the customer is mad clean the decking boards and move on

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Just lightly clean the deck boards to blend it in, you can use a light HW mix but rinse or wash it off fairly quickly

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Any advice on how to get the fanning marks out of a trek deck, home owner used a Ryobi surface cleaner and it left circular marks on the boards closest to house, middlenof deck is fine, asked if i would be able to remove the circular marks. Any siggestions?

Walk away bud, that’s a repair, we clean.


What he said. We don’t fix damaged unless we caused it

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I was hoping to add it in to the price of job, Im willing to do job, just dont know how,.if you knew of any techniques to blend it in. Im already doing house wash for him