Outdoor Storage

Can hot water pressure washers be stored outdoors without causing damage? Will rain water get inside the burner? What about the motor?

It doesn’t get below 40 degrees here so I don’t have to worry about freezing…

I don’t know if it would hurt it much but I would rather put a tarp over it just to be on the safe side. Is that a new unit from Power Wash Industries? I looked at buying one a couple of years ago, very nice!

Tarp it like Darren said. We use the heck out of rubber tarps for every thing from the wood pile to spare machines that set outside.

10’ x 10’ Black EPDM Rubber Roof Roofing | eBay

Hey Boss, nice rig! What size tank is that?

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Yes, it’s a power wash industries trailer… The tank is 200 gallons… I got it off of craigslist with 3 hours on it… It’s still brand new. 5.5gpm@3500psi

I like it because it’s not too big, our v6 Chevy express can tow it…

I put a tarp over it just to be safe, but I was just wondering if rain can cause damage to the burner and motor

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I would think even tarped that you will still have some condensation that collects in places that would not normally be exposed to moisture. Over time I would think that it could cause issues. My personal opinion is to store ours in a covered storage location.

I think the burners have a drain hole in the bottom, one of mine that I dissembled and re-insulated did anyway. Engines shouldn’t get damaged either.

But a tarp over the machine and it should be all right.

I wish I could get away with just putting a tarp on my rig. We have an enclosed trailer and still have to winterize it all the time during the winter months. This winter has been cold and light on work so haven’t had to do it to often.