Outdoor SH Storage?

I’ve made arrangements to lease a shop space starting May 1st and am looking at my SH storage plan.

I am working with a chemical supplier to see if they will deliver 55 gal drums (or larger) to me.

I will be storing my trailer indoor at night and all winter, but should the bulk SH storage (55 gal or larger) be outdoor - if possible or mandatory?

I don’t have a lot of space outdoor (and have neighboring business) but perhaps some sort of smallish lean-to like structure would work to keep the sun (and curious people) away?

Anyone have pics of their setup and advice/tips to share?

What’s it like in the summer for you? 80’s? 90’s? As far as what’s required that’s probably a municipality thing. Might have to make some calls on that. How many barrels are you going through a week?

Hey @ChrisG-Canada good to see you’re getting everything set up nicely. You getting a fair share of jobs already? How much SH are you usually going through a week? I know you’re just starting out so if you aren’t using much yet, I wouldn’t buy in bulk. It will degrade relatively quick.

He’s near my neck of the woods (Borders Michigan). Summers get hot and humid but spring seems to be a mix of all 4 seasons around here. T-shirts today, winter coats 2 days ago… I’d recommend keeping it in the shop and not buying in bulk till things get steady.

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Yep. If it’s hot out and you’re not going through at least a barrel a week, keep two indoors. @CaCO3Girl what breaks down SH faster? Heat or UV? Is there an optimal temp for SH? Have you already been asked these questions? What’s your favorite colour? That’s Canadian for color.


:grin: :canada:


Room temp is best, 65-70F


I say blue, but over half the items I own are gray, so I’m thinking of changing my answer :smiley:


@ChrisG-Canada better make sure they sell you a vented cap with that drum or you will have a real issue no matter where you store it!

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Last question… if you had a bat signal we could shine in the sky, what would your logo be?

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Why store outside?

Drums are usually not an issue, now if you go mini bulk or have it pumped into a tank for you they get weird,

My set up is literally 4 barrels in the middle of my shop with a 12v pump.

Speaking of this, new delivery guy dropped my SH in front of the wrong door…it was fun rolling these and picking back up right lol

Even when he drops at the right door I have to roll and flip them… getting to o,d for that. Need to buy a forklift


My next investment as well or a tractor. I just really want a tractor :tractor:

Would something like this help.

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Get a Dolly ,you’re wife won’t mind. Lol

I don’t use mine much. But when I do it takes a 1 hour job and turns it into 30 seconds lol



I’ve actually seen someone try to use one of these…let’s just say that the bottom plate isn’t meant to hold 450 pounds of product, and be only 1/3 under the drum…bent the crud out of it.


It was an example @CaCO3Girl , Im pretty sure he’s smart enough to get one that can at least hold 600 lbs,with a wider bottom plate. I use mine all the time.