Outdoor carpet

I have run across several houses recently with outdoor carpet on the porch, patio etc.(glued down) What precautions are you guys taking when encountering carpet where u normally apply your house wash mix? What are you doing to insure the carpet doesn’t get bleached?

Lol… I was just talking to my wife about that… I was worry that the bleach my mess the inside of the porch up. I would like to know what people do

That brings up a good point. I was out at a house the other day that had turf in the back yard. I was wondering how chemicals would effect it.

Bump. Looking for everyones thoughts on this.

If it is “true” outdoor carpet, it should be fine with a housewash mix
bleach strength. Presoak it well before you start washing house, and
rinse it off well after the house is washed. I have come across a few,
and no issues or complaints after I was done.


Ask the owner where they got the outdoor carpet from and call the manufacturer to be on the safe side. If you cant figure anything out that way, I would use simple green or something less harsh than SH. Wouldn’t want to bleach their carpet and have to repair it yourself of sub someone out to repair it. That stuff is a pain to take up.

Carpets are a flooring choice that remains common and trusted. Carpet flooring also adds to the aesthetic appeal of your rooms. But if we compare with other flooring materials, carpets need high maintenance. They also require professional cleaning from time to time. My sister faced the same issue and someone told her to [browse around here] to look out for the professionals to get the best solution.

I have found that goat urine and cheerwine make a great cleaner for this carpet


OK so this lady called me and wants a lot of stuff cleaned. But ran across her back patio that is covered with outdoor carpet. She wants the brick cleaned where it meets the carpet. Do u guys think I’ll b OK with a weak hw mix? Here’s a pic

I haven’t had a problem yet with SH bleaching outdoor carpet. You should be fine. If your worried wet it first and do a test spot. I recommend not using any surfactant in your mix. It takes forever to rinse it out of the carpet.


Thanks Bill just wanted to make sure

If it is made UV resistant generally you will not have a problem. If you are concerned do a test in a small area where it will not be seen if it does happen to change. Most of the time if you tell the customer you would like to test the surface to make sure they are happy to oblige and are glad you did.

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Nothing. Do a test spot where it’s not easily seen. Most items or materials that are made to withstand uv rays will stand up to sh. When in doubt do a test spot.