Outdoor carpet cleaning?

had a customer book a wash, fence cleaning and rear deck for middle of next week.The catch is he doesnt want to remove the outdoor carpet from part of his deck but reports that the mold from under the carpet is “bleeding through” he decided he wants us to clean the deck around the carpet and the carpet itself. Any recommendations for cleaning outdoor carpet?

If it’s an out door rug, the patio kind… those are usually SH friendly… if it’s an indoor carpet don’t touch it, it will yellow aka brown as it dies and won’t handle SH at all…

But my guess would be it’s an outdoor rug

Without a wet extractor the carpet will take a long time to dry and probably increase any mold.

Hit with same wash mix you use on the rest of the deck if it is outdoor carpet. I have done several like this and it has been no problem.

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I bet I clean 4-5 /week. They clean up great. Just soap it with the deck, then set my m5ds on medium wide spread and rinse it off. Takes a few passes to rinse them good, Just chase the dirty water and soap right off of them.

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