Out of state scams

I think i’m up to four now, someone calls from out of state and gives an address here locally that needs washing. I ask what they are needing specifically and with weird grammar they insist it must be “very clean” and ask if I will take a cashiers check.

I usually ask if they are local and only work directly with the owner in town. That’s when they ghost me.

Now this is what confuses me, other than getting a free cleaning on a random house, how are they benefitting from this monetarily?


They give you a cashier’s check for more than the job total and ask you to refund the excess back to them is what usually goes down.

Oh no kidding, interesting.

And the cashiers check bounces. Most people when they hear cashiers check they think its guaranteed money but it can be faked as well. So you give them back their $500 they “overpayed” you then the check bounces and you end up 500 in the hole

Yeah they always say stupid sh*t like good day or greetings lol. It’s like the same dude using the same words verbatim just different addresses.

Look at you Sean! Giving away work like it’s nothing! Lol.

Lol I just want 10% of the total

Just got one of these scam texts. I always reply to them that they’ve been reported to the Arkansas Attorney General’s Cyber Crimes Division. They don’t like that.


Funny you guys are talking about this. Just got one an hour ago. @Innocentbystander lives like 1000 miles away from me. We both were receiving messages from the same guy cause he’d say he was in the hospital with rectal cancer…lol

Here’s the one I got a little bit ago. Like @Seandz said, you can tell by the grammar. I like messing with them. Ask @Steve how he scammed one back. :rofl:


I always tell them their mom should’ve swallowed them. They don’t like that either.


If I had rectal cancer, my first thought would be “oh my gosh my house is dirty I should probably hire someone” while I’m laying in this hospital bed lol

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Geez Brian!! Last time I’m scamming you!

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If you do a drive-by of the address, look for a FOR SALE sign or FOR RENT. Next look at the property from your vehicle but don’t you dare step foot on their land. I’ve had three phone contacts like this since 2019. They were scams for credit card liability issues. Drop them like a hot potato and move on. If you try to report the caller to state attorney office you’ll need the full address to give the law something to start with to catch a thief. Moving right along.

Are you getting these messages because of your membership somewhere? Or random messages? If it were me, I would use my legal right to the fullest and complain. I would also try to block such messages from my network service.

IDK where they’re generating their list from, but we get them every week or 2 via text. Luckily that all runs through our CRM, and I just click “Block SPAM”, and it goes poof

Like they said above, you can spot them a mile off.

For me, it’s always a house that’s for sale. Zillow is now the first site I check when I get an address. If it’s for sale, it’s likely a scam!

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They get different numbers every time. I’ve called back missed calls to find out the person never called me. They somehow use other people’s numbers

I would tell him a price for the house wash then offer to wash his rectum with tile roof mix for free!

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That’s hilarious. Check this out, same idiot using the same number with a different name, and almost exact same dialog.


It is good wisdom to find this out before getting in too deep. You want talk to the deed-holder of the property. Rental property is a PITA.