Our Official Website has been launched

All Aspects Maintenance Ltd.is proud to announce our new website.
In addition to its new design and easy navigation, you the Customer or Client will benefit from its high functionality with a convenient, single file navigation tabs from the home page for pages of your interest. Apart from its unique design, users receives an automatic 10% discount on jobs request that are submitted online.
Please do enjoy the experience.


Pretty Snazzy. That looks like somebody put a lot of work into it.

Thanks but at the moment is not even listed. Does anyone have suggestions? What about getting a link grime the Pwra ?

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What search term(s) are you trying to get listed for?

What is the search frequency in your area for the terms that you wish to be ranked for?

When customers search, do they search for information about you and your multiple certifications or do they search for relief to a pain that they have at the time?

Does your site brag about you or speak to your clients needs?

Hey Laurie–Your website looks GREAT!!! I have to say since I’ve been reading all of your post on this bb, your work speaks for itself. Very impressive as is your website.
Maybe the PWRA should do an event in your area one day:cool: Now for us New Yorkers and I’m sure other states around here, man would it be a nice place to visit in the winter months… and a business write off as well. Hmmmm…

Here’s a couple of Pictures you may like Laurie since we were hanging out not far from you last winter in the Dominican Republic. This guy here carved a baseball for me to present to Babe Ruth’s family. I kinda wish I kept it for myself:D
They loved talking about Swinging Sammy Sosa who is their Babe Ruth. My family loves the islands out your way:cool:

Lol. Looks like you had a ball. Don’t worry, when Thad is ready he Woden me know.

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