Other business

How many people run a different business?? How does it affect the pw business?

I struggle with the old “Do one thing and do it well” line of thought. We have at best a thirty week season so we are engaged in other pursuits as well.

My partner wants to run with UPS as a winter gig. He’s young, he can handle it. Me, not so much.

We run a couple of other business’s it gets very stressful at times but it helps with personal cash flow…

Outside of Walker Services, I also have an “e store” where I flip out of print books, DVDs, CDs, video games, LPs, and vintage posters and clothing. Sometimes I wish I could do it full time, but it doesn’t bring in nearly enough to justify a switch. At times it can be difficult to juggle my time between the two, but as Chris mentioned, seeing that extra $$$ every week makes it worth it.

We run 2 other businesses. They are both rental property which we have separate management company manage for us. So it is fairly easy. One is a residential rental and the other is a vacation rental. Both have specialized management. My job, Im the maintenance and fix it guy. Almost forgot, Ive got to make sure it stays profitable.

I’m currently looking into purchasing another business. Something already in motion with good staff, systems etc so it doesn’t require a lot of my time. I’ve found a few but the owners were asking way too much compared to what they were netting.

What are they?

I’m always looking because I have a few bucks to burn.

If you have bucks to burn, let’s go play blackjack! (I’m heading to a Vegas event in January)

Man is that tempting Allison:cool: Where definitely going to hookup again on this. We need Rob Carey (past PWNA President) to once again give you and me some great advice so we can clean up again. Nothing like surrounding ourselves with some smart people and Rob is our ticket:D

I’m right there with you on that Tim…100%…I also sell that.

Plus I don’t juggle very well. :slight_smile:

I’m with tim and guy I tattooed in the afternoon it got to be to much if can’t put 100% I’m not doing it

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Back in the mid 2000’s we started a concrete tile business. It was fun and had potential, but I just got too busy with windows and scrapped it :frowning:

We use our roof pump to put strong mix on. while I’m rinsing It out and puting up my guys will use pressure washer to rinse down. Works great. I’ve washed a house with it once took longer. Wasted more chem. Then if I down streamed.

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Think I put this in wrong thread sorry.

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Thad can you remove my post thanks.

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I got it thanks you meant the soft wash post

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We are in the process of opening up our second business. It’s name is inflatable fun, we have 3 inflatable bounce units that we will start renting out in march. 1 bounce house, 1 slide bounce house combination and 1 slip and slide. My area is prime for this new business. Chris what are your other business’s?

My wife wants to open one of those.
Do you just commute to different locations for birthday parties etc?

Lets see, between offering window cleaning, power washing, gutter cleaning, and roof cleaning under one company…I also have two other businesses, one retail and one internet based with another online site coming soon. Yeah I will sleep when I’m dead.