OSHA safety compliance


Hey fellas, So I’m looking into OSHA’s requirements and I’m curious to see what you guys have done to comply with safety standards, workmen’s comp, insurance, code, city, osha, etc, to help provide a safe working place for yourself and your crew.

If anyone has done anything safety related please share what you have done so we can have a base idea, so that current and future PWRA members can apply them, maybe one day the PWRA can create a Data sheet with basic/standard safety practices for the industry?

I’ll tag a few people I’d apreciate could contribute a bit of info, @Chris @John_T @Innocentbystander @Thad @PeakofPerfection @Atlas1 @Steve @Jordie @tireshark @PointExteriors and anyone else.

Perhaps you could post a link with resources, like:


The answer to most of those questions, unfortunately, is “it depends”.

OSHA doesn’t apply if you don’t have employees (but, if you plan on growing and employing people, you’ll need to be compliant at some point)

In my state, NC, I don’t have to have workers comp because of my business size, but I DO basically have to have a “ghost policy” in order to work with most commercial property owners.

For liability insurance I followed IBS’ advice and went with Erie Insurance…Great company so far.

All the other stuff can vary greatly from one municipality to the next so, also unfortunately, it would be a massive undertaking for anyone to compile such a list. (Though I think we’ve all wished for that at some time or other)

One thing that might help you in the long run would be to take a few days and call the municipalities you are likely to work in and make some sort of quick reference sheet for your convenience later. I’ve done that and it really helps when I’m working in an area I haven’t been to in a while and I can’t remember what permits, etc I have to get in advance.

I wish I could be of more help, but that’s the best I’ve got for now. I’m sure some of the guts with larger companies can give you a more detailed answer.


I don’t know where you are but in my area there’s a college that has one of the top Bachelor of Science in programs for occupational safety and health. As a result there are a couple of companies in my area that provide consulting services to business. They will audit your operation or business plan, look at your equipment, processes and shop area and develop a plan for compliance or give you the audit report and you can develop your own plan.

Otherwise you can start schooling yourself on the regulations over the slow winter months. You need to look at several areas:
OSHA safety for employees, including training on use of the chemicals.
DOT requirements for trucks/trailers.
EPA requirements for disposal of waste water.
Fire and safety regs for storage of chemicals.
State and local requirements for insurance and licensing.

Personally I would look for a company who can do the compliance program for you. In the long run it’s cheaper and more thorough than trying to be an expert yourself.

Here’s some reading material to get you started:



Thank you guys for your gear input, really good points.

This is an osha violation if I’ve ever seen one, these guys should be fired: