Orientation of ball valve assembly

Hi everyone,
I’m trying out the ball valve with mosmatic swivel suggestion. What is the proper orientation of all the fittings: for example should it go hose, swivel, ball valve, gun OR hose ball valve, swivel, gun…
And do I have the correct male and female fittings in the best place?
I’ve attached a pic of what I think, and it would work, but I’m looking for the best way so that I can quickly connect to other attachments…

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VFZOOvm55Is - about 50% of the people like the way I have it and 50% like a male coming off the output side also. I find it’s easier to attach accessories with it like shown.

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Try it one way for a week and if you find yourself cussing at it, then switch it.

Remove fittings from ball valve. Throw ball valve and screw type swivel into the closest farm pond. Put other fittings back in tool box. All done.


That’s how I have mine set up, No problems!

I disagree, but I “liked” that post because I knew you’d say something to that effect…Love it!


Thank you. I tried it the way I had it in the picture, but I ended up putting a female coupling on each end. It is easier to pull back the coupling on the ball valve attachment vs pulling back the coupling on the inlet of the gun.

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what IBS said… i used a those ball valves for almost two years before switching to just swivel and 2315s … have never looked back since. The gun is your ball valve and it is just as efficient if not more if you use it properly.

@Innocentbystander what’s the drawback of the ball valve/swivel assembly?

They is no reason to ever use a ball valve. It is an additional weight to lug around. Plumb everything to quick connect into your gun. The screw in swivels add more weight and put a bend in the hose when you roll it up. Order your hose with a swivel on one end.

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So to switch from surface cleaner to gun, you walk back to the trailer shut it down, switch and start it up? That a ton of time wasted walking and dragging hose around.

Or are you talking about the style of quick disconnects that cut the flow when disconnected? Like on a hydraulic hose reel for hydraulic tools?

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No, he makes it so his surface cleaner hose has a 1/4 qc on it so the nozzle end of your gun connects straight to it. So turning off the machine isnt neccessary for that

i gottcha, I’d like to see that. My gun on my whisper is mounted and i havent seen a homemade style to switch out the gun quickly

There’s a couple of threads about it somewhere on here but it’s a really simple thing… just take the gun off, get a 3/8 to 1/4 adapter, and attach a 1/4 male qc… a couple of stylish zip ties later and you’re good to go

Go to 56 second mark


Get rid of that surface cleaner and you’ll be much happier