Orientation for horizontal leg tanks?

Is there a required orientation for the leg tanks? I have seen both linear and perpendicular mounting of leg tanks to the trailer longitude by professional trailer build companies, anyone know the scoop? I have a new trailer and a couple leg tanks and am ready to mount them down to the trailer.

Place them horizontal like the steps on a ladder. 60% of the weight in the front of the trailer, 40% of the weight in the back. Ask @Racer he seems to know a ton about this.

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I have seen them mounted oriented as they appear now, and also 90 degree turn. I have the straps and I plan to put a 2X base frame to keep them from moving during braking. If they should be turned 90 degrees, why? There are legs both ways.

Do not mount them as they are now…
Turn them 90 degrees clockwise. Center large tank over axel.

I have seen them mounted both ways.

Mount them horizontally.

If you mount as current, it will make the trailer very unbalanced.
Also the tanks design works better with water being able to roll up the side during stopping and acceleration from movement. If you leave them horizontally (as shown) you will notice a lot more back and forth movement when coming to a stop. Also If you leave water in the tank when traveling your trailer will pull/swing more to one side, due to unevenness.

The only way to mount them horizontally, is to still center the larger tank, which means you cant have both parallel to each other.


You can mount them either way but horizontal probably better for reason @Donte55 stated above. Before you mount anything, get some masking tape or whatever and layout all you major componets on floor of trailer. See what layout works best for you. It will save you a lot of heartache and work in the end. Allow room for plumbing. I’ve spent 2 days before just playing with layouts before I even started building. Or I have an online design software, it for houses, but I just pretend my trailer is a room. Once you have all your dimensions of your equipment, start playing.


Just moved my trailer to my home state. About 150 mile journey. I originally planned on ratchet strapping the tanks, but that didn’t work so well, the straps were brand new and stretched and the tanks loosened. Anyone making their own steel straps mounting kits? Any ideas for a better DIY solution for strapping down the tanks? Seems the tank strap kits are quite expensive for what you get. Will the ratchet straps stop stretching, or do I really need to go with metal bands. I don’t like the movement/shifting at all.

Buy expensive HD ratchet straps. Rated for 10k. They won’t stretch

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Yeah, maybe so. I bought 4000 lb ratchet straps and they stretched, first use, when the trailer bounced for hours. Maybe they will be okay as they get older. I used d rings on the trailer bed, so I could remove the tanks and use the trailer for hauling stuff. I really didn’t like the load shift running down the road.

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You should use metal bands, but whether you use them or ratchet straps fill the tanks all the way up THEN tighten the bands (or straps)…they should stay put after that.