Ordering from PWR

When I started using the site you could order PW parts from PWR, now all of the shop links go directly to WCRA. I don’t see any PW (save for some XJet and chems) parts for sale on there either. Is this a linking error, cookies, user error, something else? Did I miss an announcement?

This is on mobile and desktop.

It’s all run by the same people. They’ve just streamlined things a bit.

If you need anything, I would suggest contacting @Jordie. He’s a sales rep for WCR/PWR and does both power washing and window cleaning.

Hi Guys,

In an effort to simplify, the PWR store was disabled earlier this year, so it no longer exists. That is a permanent change.

We still offer Xjets and f9 products at windowcleaner.com but nothing else.

I’d say pressuretek is stop #1 and there are a few other vendors in the game but I don’t feel like hearing the good bad and ugly about who else I’d recommend.

If you’re looking to add window cleaning to your services, give me a call. You can get a complete wfp package for $875.09, free shipping.

862 312 2633
WCR Sales and Support


Thanks @Jordie !