Orange discoloration around windows

I washed a house for a friend. I didn’t take any pre-pics because of that.
But after rinsing I noticed an orange discoloration around some of the windows.
I’m pretty sure it wasn’t there beforehand.

I re-hit it with my house wash to no effect.

The window wrap appears to be vinyl. If you look closely at the orange, in some spots it almost looks like they had a film on the frame at one point.

Hand scrubbing lightened it but did not remove it.

I haven’t tried any other chems yet.


(Also, the spots on the one window is from their tinting film on the inside of the house.)

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Go back tomorrow and the orange discoloration will be gone.

Certain manufacturers of the window frames oxidize weirdly and react to the detergent and cause an ugly orange color.

When it dries it disappears.

Dont try and scrub it, you will make it worse.

Just let it dry.


It should be gone in a couple of hours or for sure when the sun hits it. See it often in our area freaks you out the first time you encounter it though. I’ve never had any issues with it, eventually dries back to white again.

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@KMP and @Kentucky1234
Y’all called it. It was gone when I went back. Thanks for the help!

It did make for an “oh no!” moment though. I hate those. Greatly.


:smile::clap: great, no more holding your breath.

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I just had this happen to me a couple days ago. I thought maybe it was from a pest control spray. Stronger SH from a pump sprayer didn’t touch it. I hit it with OX and it disappeared instantly. Upon searching for this, I saw @Innocentbystander had mentioned that it was from a batch of vinyl that didn’t get UV protected in the late 90’s. The house I did was built in 1994. Just FYI. It was a slightly scary moment since I had never come across it before. Lesson learned. Pucker factor 5.


Yeah, I would’ve been a bit more stressed had it not been a friends’ house.

And I just checked, and their house was built in '93.