Opinions welcome

Assuming this gets properly attached through the floor is that enough support?

My brain is telling me absolutely not but i have a tendency to over engineer things.

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Check this out at 6 mins.

Just make sure it goes at the back of the trailer and not the side door. Run a couple of brackets of the side of the trailer to the stackers

A couple pieces of 1/4" angle iron underneath the trailer with the bolts run through them and you’re good to go.

If i run the reels out the back i envision 80% of the time fighting to pull and recover hose when curbside. I do envision rear reels being great if you need to back into a parking spot at apartments.

Im just doing some mockup so Im all ears.

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Hose guides would eliminate any fighting with hose. Personally, I think if you have an enclosed trailer you should go out the back because I was constantly in and out of the side door on the enclosed trailers we ran and there’s no way I’d want to sneak around the reels. Some people run them through the side but I’ve always seen them up against the opposite wall but then you’re tripping over hoses or going through the rear doors and having hot exhaust blasted in your face. Love those double side doors by the way :+1:

I didnt want them on the far wall for the reason of the hoses in the way aswell as then the bottom reel is a full kneel to get at. The side door is 48" wide so i fit fine going in and out. I will shuffle it all around in the morning and see what having reels in back will do. Im taking all ideas into consideration.

The tracks that rucker used is a cool idea but too many moving parts and 3 reels high didn’t seem excessive to me but 4 seemed a bit much to free stand.

Trust me you want the reels in the back. All you do is unreel the whole thing into 20’ loops on the ground. Some guys actually have 50’ sections and unroll as needed.

The side doors will be access to your machinery and various storage options. Thankfully you got a trailer with back barn doors and not a ramp.

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Thoughts on this configuration so far?



Are the boards getting painted or stained, or a liner? Looks like you have the majority of the weight over the axles, so that is good, just make sure you have some tongue weight too. Just think how it will be empty and full and balance that.

Just make sure you don’t have too much in the back, or you will have brown pants that day. It’s a smaller footprint so the compact area should be better.

Here is a trailer video example of too much rear weight.


Personally, I’d rotate the smaller tank 90° so that it sloshes less. Then I’d ditch the cart and mount that machine to the floor or weld up a stand and mount it to that to get it up off the floor and make better use of your space.

Get yourself a remote unloader block so that you can get that wright off the manifold. Especially if you’re leaving the machine on that cart.

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Congrats on the new trailer by the way. I’m glad you went with the Big Tex. That’s a much nicer trailer than the other option you were looking at.

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What size is the trailer? Thanka

Great info! Thanks!

Ok gotcha!
I’m not familiar with a remote unloader valve?
And thanks for the compliment I like the trailer so far!

5x8 big tex

This is a remote unloader block. It basically relocates the unloader from hanging off of your expensive pump to a more solid location and the unloader mounts to it as seen in the picture. They’re cheap and will save you a lot of heartache should your unloader ever damage the pump from vibration while washing or, more likely, the ten thousand potholes your trailer will encounter on the roads.

Disregard the ziptie. I hate when the unloader pivots on the quick connect so that just holds it there. One day I’ll fancy it up lol

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Looks very clean!

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I’m not sure if I’m going to put down a liner or coat the boards yet.

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