Opinions on Tote Mounting

Looking for opinions on how I mounted my 275 gallon tote. I plan on hauling it empty but am using a 16’ dual axle with brakes so could haul full if I ever need to.

I used 3/4" all thread bent over in each corner. They then go through the floor and into the steel angle of the trailer. I also added some 1/4" plate for some big washers.

I also beefed up the frame of the tote with welds in the corners so it’s not being held together by only bolts.

I know it’ll hold but worry more about having to slam on the brakes or even an accident if the tote is full. Even then I think it’ll be fine.

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I just looked up how strong 3/4" all thread is and as a hanger one can hold 2700 lbs and that’s with a 25% safety reduction. Just hanging is a lot different than the force of hitting the brakes with a full tote though.

That’s how mine is mounted essentially. 8 big fat U-bolts with a strap underneath with two holes over the bottom rails. What are you towing with Brian?

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That’s the tough part. Why are you traveling with it full?

I don’t plan to be traveling full but would be nice to have the option if I ever needed to. I doubt it though. I guess if for some reason I ever did I could throw some big 4" straps over it just for peace of mind.

Pulling with GMC 3/4 ton.

I saw on craigslist a 2003 Ford f350 flatbed with 127k for $3500. Service records too. I’m tempted but too soon for me to pull the trigger.

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Full on these is better than half full due to sloshing, but with trailer brakes, two axles, and the right truck, just keep it slow and I imagine you’ll be just fine doing what you’re doing. All the weight will me traveling downward and at 2700# per hanger you’re 4x over the weight of the full tote.

I’d add 4 lifting bolts for trucker straps if I should have to tow it full and only use them when necessary.

That’s better than I got for the 02 F250 with 150k. $3k. And the bed was rotten.

Lifting bolts for straps is a good idea.

The ad is 25 days old so might be gone. It said the bed has a few years left but is rusty. Oh well, maybe next time. Not sure how the wife would like me pulling home with another truck after recently buying a trailer.

I’m not trying to hijack the thread but has anyone used or heard of anyone using a door way tank with a cage surrounding it and over the top to secure it. The design looks like it would reduce sloshing and small footprint. The height seems to be the biggest concern

The height is what scares me. Full, it’s too top heavy for it’s small footprint. The cage would have to be pretty stout IMO.

The 400 gallon is 29x66x66 and the 300 gallon is 29x66x50. I’m needing to mount 2 tanks. I’m thinking about wrapping them with three levels of 2” angle iron wrapped in foam to keep from rubbing and bolted to the trailer sides and ladder rack. Also with the angle iron going through the center hole. How would that work and would any of you veteran members trust it

@GuyB uses one I believe

I put 100’ of 4" corrugated plastic pipe with holes like you would use for a perimeter drain on a foundation in my ibc tote. It makes an incredible baffle without using much of the capacity.


Mount it so you can travel full…you will be surprised in the options it can open up for you.

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Thanks. I never see him on here??

I’ll call him

Isn’t he pro kleen? I remember him from years past I think

Don’t forget about the added weight of the angle. 2" X 2" X 3/16" weighs about 2.5 lbs per foot so can add up pretty fast.

I’m sure a cage would work fine as long as it’s designed correctly. Having it attached to the verticals of the ladder rack and also attached to the bottom of the trailer frame would probably work just fine. If you really want to beef the cage up use 1/4" angle. As long as the flat part of the angle is up against the tank to keep it from sliding around I wouldn’t even worry about using foam in between.

I worry more about the force from a wreck breaking it loose. Then again, even if it broke loose, it would probably just flop forward on its side. It would probably take out some equipment though.