Operating machines in heavy rain

I have been caught out by heavy rain while working a couple of times recently and seem to be getting water penetrating through the breather holes on my general pumps filler caps.
In the process of changing oil again and am wondering if anybody has a trick to stop this happening?
Apart from putting a roof on trailer lol.
Is there another cap that is taller or has some other breather setup?

I store my trailer undercover and cover machines during transport, is there any other parts of machines that are susceptible to problems when exposed to rain during operations?

Mount a short 3 inch pipe to the trailer that is just round enough for an umbrella. When it’s raining just pop the umbrella open and stick it in the hole! Lol this is my Redneck solution! Probably not a good one!


This was my redneck solution for awhile. Just a clear plastic shell from a package, with some clothesline tied around the pump to hold it on.

Currently I have painters tape wrapped over the cap, until I can find a more permanent/elegant solution for spring.


Could a plastic threaded nipple with the same threads be screwed in and ran to a piece of hose with a small k&n Style air filter mounted underneath the pump?


This. I’ve seen it a fair bit here in Australia.

This guy has one on his gearbox, not sure why not both, but there it is :wink:

That’s what I was imagining, I’m going to give it a shot,
Its gotta help having those little breather holes up away from getting flooded.
Thanks Steve

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Bunnings have lots of irrigation fittings from just a couple of dollars. You could even go with an elbow and short breather hose for neatness…

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Why not?! Simple is best and that’s what umbrellas are for!

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With rain, comes wind - no use if it’s inside out :blush:

Do it once, do it right :sunglasses:

Jet-away whate state you working out off?

Hey Chris, I’m in NSW mate :+1:t2:

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Good to see another oz on the forum. Best of luck mate.

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