Open water valve full on at house and connect a 12v 5-7 gpm pump after?

This might be a very stupid question for many of you guys, but I could not see to find the answer.

But is it possible to open water valve from house outside, that gives about 60-80 psi and about 5 gpm from house, and connect a 12v 5-7gpm pump after there to get extra cleaning power?

Would that damage the pump?

Not a dumb question, but no I don’t believe that would work/accomplish anything.

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phew :slight_smile:

I was thinking perhaps if it would achieve a bit like connecting 2 pumps in series, like this gentleman talks about:

Interesting. I went to college for Computer Science, so I admit Fluid Dynamics didn’t come up often. :joy: :love_you_gesture: :muscle:

I have some thoughts, but they are not proven or scientific… more theoretical.

When you’re running a 12v from a tank what happens when I release the trigger? A pressure sensor says hey - we’ve reached x psi - shut off the pump. If the pump was hooked to a faucet that pressure is already reached even with the trigger open, so would the pump run? Not sure.

So the goal would be more flow or more pressure? Or yes?

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The theory works, I’ve been doing it for a few years. Here is a link to my latest setup, it’s a long read but I tried to be detailed.

You don’t want to use normal 5gpm pumps. They don’t like high inlet pressure and will leak and you don’t want to trash expensive pumps. I use cheap throw away pumps, but the darn things will are actually hard to kill, even if they start leaking.


Yeah, great questions! So my idea was to get more flow and pressure… There is good water taps everywhere here more or less, and no one is worrying about the cost of water here… It rains half of the days of a yeah here… So water is plentiful…

But when reading your comment here, I actually have another question, since you did CS - may I ask why not working as a programmer? Or you just like to to PW more?

Im considering a switch to front end dev myself for several reasons, but not sure if thats the right thing… :slight_smile:

Wow, I have to say wow @Nickski I absolutely LOVE your setup!! :partying_face: How amazing for sure!
I think its one of the best post Ive read on this forum! Absolutely great work man! :star_struck:

It’s uncongenial for sure, and not something that will work for most pro’s that clean all day every day. If you plan on making a career out of this profession and doing it full time, I’d recommend just spending the money on real equipment.

For me, it works amazing and it fast for cleaning houses. Heck, just yesterday I cleaned 6 houses and a 10 unit apartment in 8 hours, so it doesn’t slow me down. I do this as a side business and don’t have a dedicated vehicle or trailer to mount professional equipment, so I had to get creative. When a job comes up, I can quickly throw it in the back of the truck and go. No need for me to haul around a gas pressure washer capable of 3-4000 psi if I only need 100 to reach the top peaks of houses.


Yeah wise words @Nickski !

Oh man, you got a lot of work done for sure with smart equipment!

Over here we are constantly encouraged to move away from petrol/diesel, and many commercial deals you would be preferred here if you are eco friendly - by law especially when dealing with government…
Also minimising the usage of chems and overspray I see as an advantage.

I have invested a bit - Honda IGX700 + Udor 8gpm + hotbox + FSC’s + Cabon fiber poles +++ getting close to around 10k in equipment - new and unused…

There is someone sort of interested to buy the equipment off me, so I perhaps am thinking just to sell it…
Cause thinking perhaps to go a different route - front end development…

Im planning to learn to code with online learning for 2 years, and I just thought that perhaps having equipment for 10k could be overkill for some part time job… Perhaps Im overthinking matters…

But equipment like you have is super cheap and quite durable it seems… And not too hard to set up it seems to… But yeah, decisions, decisions… Not so easy to see whats the best solution :thinking:

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