Open trailer or box trailer for wash rig set up?

Hey guys,
I am working out of cargo van but I am in a process of acquiring stuff for my big pressure washer. At this point I can get either box trailer or open trailer. I wanted to ask for yall opinions, pros vs cons for either open trailer or a box trailer. Please share your thoughs!

Where you located?

I run a little 5x8 enclosed. It has it’s pros and cons, I get a fair amount of calls from people seeing the ‘rolling billboard’. It also suits me better as I have no garage to keep it secure at night.

Other than that it’s somewhat of a PITA to be honest.

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@garry.cooper I am in central Mississippi

Enclosed…no cons.

Open…well it’s open.

Let’s see if that gets the hive worked up.

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Enclosed only makes sense if you don’t have storage and need it secure, that’s kind of the idea lol. Other than that I can’t see any reason to have your equipment boxed in.


Open trailer is by far easier to work on machines and isn’t so much of a fire hazard, but all your crap is outside 24/7 open to all the elements and debris. And is also cheaper.

Closed trailer imo is definitely more professional looking and you have a 3 sided billboard , also you have nice walls to incorporate shelving and hangers and you can also put a work bench up front and have 120v installed inside and led lighting.
And there more of a pita to drag down the road.

Don’t forget about being able to get away with using a 5 gallon bucket with toilet seat attached. Then again, in Arkansas you all probably do that on an open trailer or bed of your truck.

I have an open trailer. I’m not sure if I’ll go enclosed later on. I don’t have to park my trailer in the garage every night. I live in a tiny town and back in an area where we get no traffic. I can’t tell you the last time I’ve even taken the keys out of my truck. That includes being gone for 2 weeks on vacation. There’s nobody around to mess with it. Plus, it helps to make it known that a crazy veteran lives here who has ptsd, can’t sleep, and has enough fire power to supply a small army…lol.

We take it back home to fertilize our garden and mater patch, Waste not want not grunt.

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If it’s between enclosed and open. I’d go with open.

I keep my trailer in my garage so it’s protected at night or whenever not in use. During use though I like being able to maneuver around the trailer to access equipment and other things. Enclosed I’d have to jump in and step over things and it would be a pain. Not to mention fumes that would build up inside. Rust faster. Plus it would be very hot in there during the summer.

So… if you have a place to store the trailer inside then I would do open. But I guess if you live in a shady area and have to keep it outside, then enclosed.