Open or closed trailer?

Looking for some feedback and opinions on open and or enclosed trailers.

I just recently ordered my new skid unit with all my special bells and whistles attached.

Im going back and forth with the thoughts of an open or enclosed trailer.

I have been hearing both the pros and cons of either set ups, but Im not sold on one yet.

There will be no water tank on my unit except for a 35 gallon buffer tank and maybe another small chem tank.

I would like to keep the entire unit on the smaller side of maybe a 5x8 or 6x10 at the max.

Storing the unit is not an issue and will be protected from the elements when not in use.

So lets here some vet opinions here and their thoughts.


Open is much easier to work from. Box can be a rolling billboard.

Having covered storage is a point in favor of open.

If you had to choose right now, which way would you go?

[MENTION=6510]Tim4[/MENTION] thanks for the response.

The points you made are right on key.



  1. Advertisement (fairly important issue).
  2. Weather proof (only if washing in rain).
  3. Easy storage anywhere anytime (not really an issue).


  1. Limited space (repairs ect…)
  2. Cost (double open trailer).
  3. Extra set up (exhaust system ect…)



  1. Open space (repairs and working ect…)
  2. Cost (half price)
  3. Can add water tank if needed (for certain jobs).


  1. Advertising issues.
  2. Open to the elements (rain ect…)
  3. Storage (chems, wands ect…)

So the way I look at it they both have their issues.

Right now Im sold on one aspect of each set up.

Im leaning toward the open right now just because of the simplicity and cost.

But im not completely sold yet…

If your truck is not lettered up, I’d say enclosed…You’ve got to be Visible…It’s your billboard.

While security and weather are not a problem now…it could be in the future…again enclosed.

While you only want a small size trailer, I’d opt for at least a 12’ trailer because you’ll run out of room quickly…enclosed or open.

You’re looking at single axle trailers, you’re not going to be able to put much of a load in that…3,500 lbs. max

Don’t let cost be a contributing factor.

I would go with enclosed. Having that piece of mind that my stuff is secure is huge to me. Maybe i’m just paranoid.

I cant blame ya. I have both an open and enclosed trailer setups for all the above reasons. If I could only have one it would be an enclosed trailer for my neck of the woods.

My main reasons is for security and weather. Sometimes in the winter months I just put a small heater or turn on flood lights in trailer to keep everything warm enough so we can go out and make some money and also some of the bigger jobs we take on we can leave the trailer on site completely locked up and we can scoot off to a hotel to get some shut eye.

Both open/enclosed trailers have their upside/downside to each so figure out whats the most important factors as to why you’ll pick what you need. The only solid piece of advice I can give here is to buy a trailer either open or enclosed that has enough space for future expansion of your company. Next thing you know is you may need to buy something else to add to your equipment and you find out you just cant fit it onto your trailer. Been there & done that.

I have a 5x8 enclosed. It’s a little cramped in there but I like the security. My machine has never seen the rain & looks as new as the day I got it. A rolling bill board is also a plus. Only down size is when I gotta climb in there for whatever reason. Can’t tell you how many times I burnt my leg on the muffler. It hurts like a mofo.

John Devine.

Personally, I would love the convenience of an open. But… On numerous occasions my shorts were saved by the enclosed, so to speak.
With my stomach sometimes I gotta go RIGHT NOW !! I have a 5 gal bucket with a garbage bag in it and a plastic toilet seat that fits on top
( got it at BassPro). It’s set up in corner just in case. Step in, pull the doors shut and nobody knows a thing.
Might seem funny but it’s a life saver. Sometimes customers aren’t home or you’re on a weekend commercial job with everything closed.
It’s something that isn’t thought about until the time comes. I have wondered what the open trailor guys do? Squat in the bushes???
Another tip, put some water in the bag. Cuts the smell factor fo sho!


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Amen to that. Ports potty on wheels.

John Devine.

+1 Another believer in the porta potty right here

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Let’s give some likes to Mst’s post cause anyone of us who worked those long hours in the field we have all been there at one time or another. Got to like his honesty.

Enclosed for me.

#1 reason… It makes it harder for them to steal anything out of it or mess with anything. Of course, If they want it bad enough they’re going to take it regardless.

#2…It’s a billboard. I pulled a ton of jobs just from that.

#3…near the end of the season when it gets cold I just throw a t-stat controlled space heater inside.

Cons… It gets tight in there. It can also get hot and you can only pull hose from whatever openings you have. The funny thing is, every time I’ve been at a job and wished I had an open trailer I then remembered that I got that job because of the vinyl on the enclosed.

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+1 on the space heater in an enclosed, although winterizing doesn’t take long, it sucks when its freezing outside and you are wet and its dark etc. A heat bulb in a cheap light fixture works well too.