Only 4 days left to register for russ johnsons repair/maintenance class in huntsville

ONLY 4 DAYS LEFT TO REGISTER for Russ Johnson’s Maintenance and repair class at the Huntsville Workshop. Russ runs Southside Equipment out of Louisville, KY. Russ is one of the most respected repair and maintenance experts in the Pressure Washing Industry. Here is your chance to take part in a great class that will give you a return on your money many times over and save you tons of lost down time taking this class. THIS IS A MUST HAVE CLASS FOR ANYONE WITH A PRESSURE WASHER!!!

Here is what will be covered:

Hour 1:
Basic trailer / truck set up
Pre-trip the rig
Engine troubleshooting
Why is there gas in my oil?
Charging systems
Valve and governor adjustment
Identifying oil leaks
Loss of power - what to look for

Hour 2:
Pump troubleshooting
Rebuilding the pump and what to look for
Unloaders - theory of operation - emergency fixes
Plumbing - to the pump through the gun

Hour 3:
Burner principles of operation
120 volt vs 12 volt pros & cons
Burner controls
Repair and adjustment

Hour 4:
Engine wiring systems
Machine circuitry
Burner wiring
Q & A

There will be a 10 minute break between each segment.

Register here for the class

What is your excuse for not making the class???

Guys, there is something extra at this class that will never be done at any other class of Russ Johnson’s before! TRUST ME, you dont want to miss this class, even if you have taken it before just for the extra you get. After the class is done, I have a feeling a ton of guys will be kicking themselves for not taking it!

The next time you lose a day (or two) of work because of having to take your machine in for a simple repair you’re going to kick yourself for not taking this class.

There is alot of people on the fence about taking this class and they are going to kick themselves when they find out what they have missed out on. This “bonus” not only is a benefit to the one man operator but GREATLY multiplies if you have employees. Lets just say the bonus you will get by taking Russ’s class in Huntsville is worth more in and of itself then the admission to the class. I’ll even go a step further and say IF you can’t come to the class and you really want to, I would pay the admission JUST to get the bonus! IT’S THAT GOOD!!!

I’ll back up what they’re are saying…the suprise is a WIN/WIN for both new guys and older companies…it’s nice!

Guys, The ticket event shut down last night at midnight on my error setting the wrong date. Fixed it and I apologize for the error. It should be up and available. If for some reason it isn’t working, call or text me directly at 256-683-6556

How many people will be in the class???

I think we ended up with 10 or 11 just for Russ’s class alone on Sunday.

Ok good well I am one of them…

One of the parts im most looking forward too…I have a small hot unit I need to fix lol.

Will be good to meet ya Trey…