Online or apps for employee time cards

Looking at switching over from having my guys punch their time in and out from a smart phone vs. writing it down on a time sheet. I think this is a good way to improve performance. Anyone using any type of online or app check in for their employees?

didnt know there was an app for that??

I’ve never heard of one. I’d like to see it. Anyone?

Just have them text you start and stop texts. Gives you a time stamp record. Or use a form on website to enter start and stop times. Then bookmark page with smartphone.

Looking into trying this out. All my guys have smart phones and should only cost me a couple bucks a month…

Jeremy, that looks interesting. Let us know how it works for you.

We use Clockspot… works great… Kinda pricey but has great functionality and reports for both you and the employees.

We track the trucks as opposed to the employees. They punch in on a time clock in the morning and are tracked in the vehicle using Times are logged at every key turn so we can track time on and of the jobs, offsite lunch breaks, speed, fuel economy and work routes. Averages about $50 a month per truck. GPS reporting is updated and tracked to 30 second intervals.

we use “timestation”… works for what we need…and it’s free