One restore versus F9 Barc

I’m looking for everyone’s opinion on these two products for rust removal on flat concrete. I know they both can do the job but which one do you prefer and why?

F9 for rust and battery stains, it just works and fast. I use OneRestore a lot too for other stains.

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I prefer Oxalic acid for light rust on siding and stuff, f9 for rust in concrete or heavy rust, and I keep one restore as my “nothing is working” solution. I’ve heard one restore working miracles when nothing else worked

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Used One Restore today on some concrete rust, a little scary when it foams like that but you can physically see the rust bubbling out.


My answer depends on the source of the rust.


Love OneRestore, good all purpose go to


Thanks for the feedback guys! I’m going to always keep a gallon of each to have on hand.

I have both, been using F9 and just got one restore. Barc is amazing for rust it’s like magic. One restore is seeming to work great but I only have limited experience with it. I keep both now…

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I have both as well. I’m going to keep both on hand from now on.

Wherebdo i get one restore?

@Thomas74 Thomas, here is a link for the EaCo Chemical, Inc. distributor locator. I have found that not all distributors have all EaCo chemicals. However, if you find someone near you that carries one of their products, they can probably order the OneRestore for you.

@Thomas74 Sorry, forgot the link…Distributors | Find the nearest source of EaCo Chem products.