One last attempt at Facebook ads


All of my previous attempts have been by boosting or using the mobile app. Apparently the desktop version has many more options. I was able to target specific neighborhoods. All of my previous attempts were X amount of mile radius from Y. I targeted specific neighborhoods that I either already do well in, or they are upper scale neighborhoods that I can see myself doing well in. I’ve been doing a little bit of reading up on the capabilities and this ad platform. There’s a lot more to it then I thought. Anyway, I made this post to share the video and start another discussion on strategies and techniques when FB advertising. Have you been successful with FB ads? How, why, or why not?

Text: Are you the neighbor with the dirty house? We can make your home look NEW again! House Soft Washing. Professional, licensed, insured & experienced. Starting at only $99. Get a FREE quote today! Fill out the form below or call (504) 867-7100

Don’t blaze me for the $99. It’s for up to 1500sqft of driveway as an addon to a house wash only.


I feel like people may misinterpret the part about prices starting at $99 and think you’re referencing that to the cost of washing their house not concrete. The video might be good at starting interest and get the phone ringing but I could see people being turned off when they realize $99 part was just for concrete.

I know the video showed before and after of the concert your cleaned but with so many people out there doing $99 house washes I think potential customers will see “$99.00” and think you’re willing to clean their house for that price.


I was just looking over everything and thought that exact same thing. I’m going to take it out and replace it with up to 20% off or something like that. Good point :+1:


Yeah I thought the video looked good though. I’ve gotten a handful of jobs from my Facebook since starting out but most of the them have been from people that I am in someway connected to. I’ve been wanting to learn more about marketing through Facebook to try and reach a more targeted market


Facebook is ok for branding but you won’t be picking up jobs left and right up there. I like to do slideshows with some before and after pictures and pictures of my truck and rigs. I’ll do maybe $20-$30 boost at week just to stay on peoples minds.


Also always include a link to your website on every post.


I can’t hardly get any traction at all with Facebook ads. I was getting maybe two jobs a month with Facebook until I ran a couple ads. Then it went to zero. Lol

I don’t know if Facebook is the place for me. I firmly believe anyone’s best energy is directed toward dominating google SEO in their area.

That’s not to say your business page shouldn’t be active. You still gotta keep up with Facebook.


I’m thinking about using mr pipeline. Who do you recommend?


I have not used Mr. Pipeline and have figured out my SEO along the way over the last 3 years for the most part. I wish I would’ve hired someone sooner.

There’s a gal in my BNI group that I’ve been using for some of it and I’ll continue to transition stuff to her.

BUT! The gentleman from Mr. Pipeline did message me on Facebook, I told him I had a good relationship so far with Larissa, and he respectfully and politely acknowledged and then left me alone.

If I should look at using anyone else in the future it will definitely be him for the simple reason he wasn’t pushy and didn’t pester.


I’ve got one in my BNI group as well but I like the appeal of a SEO group that caters to us.