One For Thad/Chris and the members at PWR

I think you guys may like this. I do everything for my family and I do what I can for my friends and any thing I percieve to be positive to any of the above.

Last year I had a very bizar year… enjoyable as heck but crazy as heck also. Some of it was to wild for me to comprehend such as my daughter of all things to not only win in the nationals but also for her dance called the “Orphanaged” to be singled out as the best dance out of every one… and that is after all the winners where announced… That coincided with with unbelievable timing of a phone call with Joe Walters, Something that happens next and then what my daughter did…
No rhyme or reason and because I think logically I do not bog myself down and try to figure some stuff out-- but its all good.

Today my daughter is at it again by then winning multiple trophies and then taking it all. She’s the little sweetheart holding the main trophy. So I figured… what the heck. I have an I-pad and Droid phone on me at all times…why not. Can stranger things happened??

They sure do and this weekend during this competition only one person via text now knows another Bizaar thought that suddently sprang into my head that doesn’t involve any thing out of the ordinary like last year… but its attainable… I think.

This is from us to you.

If you want to read a great book and you can read it in two hours it has the meaning of life in it. Its called “Tuesdays with Maury”

I caled Thad last year a couple of times on a Sunday… So last year I called that to some “Sundays with Thad”… once again look close. See if you can see Thad on my IPAD when I was at the “Jersey shore show house” Thats Thads mug on my I-pad…lol I do not know if you can see him there but he’s there… I’ll look for some other pics because I took a bunch like that just with Thad on it… what brought that on was I met Thad many years earlier and now we were talking shop on the phone… I was like I have to meet him again… so why not take him with me…lol So I did… Those pics were the end of August begining of Sept 2011 when I did my quick “Sunday’s with Thad” phone calls…

Then I got to see Thad again in Nola…

Just thought I would throw that in there for kicks.

[INDENT]As for that idea… lets put it this way… I support all the org’s… all of them. There is no one group… its all of them. I may not belong to some of these but they all can come in… I think I finally figured this out… and without a doubt in my mind and think this is crazy or not… it can be done… and it has nothing to do with anything that happened in the past such at the “Ruth Thing” etc… this one can bring a ton in… Its just a matter if I want to knock on a door or two or three to see what I need to do it… and if I do… its for you.

You can’t politic this one because as some of you may know… I analyze almost everything in my head almost to death… sometimes I have problems bringing it out correctly but this one… works. Absolutely bulletproof and as usual there’s no string pulling or anything. It can not be done. I love this stuff… 1 person yesterday got the text on it from me… it came yesterday the thought… because I have to close out what I started last year with the “Ruth thing” this one could begin during that… I love this stuff. [/INDENT]

I’ll throw the idea at some people I know can come back with some great insight… If it seems workable I’ll bring it to the net. This time I’ll bring in the facts so the net crowd can say what there going to say after they read the facts so there is no speculating that there are any backroom deals etc… This one is as pure as you can get… and of course it can be debated to death but if the facts are laid out on the table then opinions based off facts… is instrumental. There won’t be any hearsay if I start this… You’ll know it all… and to make it clear… I don’t or won’t want to make anything from it. If money was to be made we can all donate to mutliple charities… but in here this is a marketing dream, a potential national story, and it puts this industry more on the map… that yes we are here… Once again it seems to be a walk in the park to get it going but the question is…should I do it. Money will not be a factor in this at all… its the time factor that I have to consider…and Time… is what I have.

and I just found Thad…blow up the picture and look at my I-pad closely. The hurricane was coming to the Jersey shore and everybody hauled azz out of there except for a few of that stayed to the last day which out of the very few people left… There’s me with Thad on my I-PAD. How sweet is that?

Thats great John congrats to your daughter.

Thanks Chris-- if It wasn’t for power washing I would never be able to afford what all this cost… But for my girls it all worth it time 10…

Looks like someone is dropping to much poppa Smurf acid… Fried brain cells are kicking in above. What the Heck is he talking about?

Looks like a spammer. We get stuff like that all the time on our site. Gets old sorting through them.

Yea just a little spam, we had the anti spam settings a little low… I cranked them back up.