Older Painted Aluminum Siding - HW Tips Please

I’m looking for pre-project tips in Softwashing older painted aluminum siding. Chalks off some to touch. Can I safely wash this just like vinyl siding?

We have safely washed painted aluminium siding. Is it factory finish or repaint?

We do a very gentle wash and rinse. Oxidation is often an issue. We remove the mold but don’t try to remove the oxidation.

Factory finish aluminum siding sometimes has no finish left in spots when the oxidation is gone.

Factory finish

Don’t try to be a hero. We clean a fair amount of failing factory finish aluminum for paint prep. We tell other clients that we’ll do the lightest possible cleaning but that it is hard to know how much of what appears to be finish is actually oxidation and we can only be responsible for what we do and they must assume all responsibility for what their siding does.

At that point, maybe half tell us to proceed because they can’t live with it any longer and the other half are scared off. We always offer a free demo for them to consider the results. Once they agree to the demo, we have the job. The results are rarely as bad as they envision.

Have you ever brushed am aluminum siding house with light oxidation?

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I never have. It just seems too much like trying to play the part of the hero and that doesn’t always end well. So I try to avoid it.

My concern would be disturbing the oxidized layer unevenly.

Tim, right on. It’s nice to see other contractors with the same thought process and business sense when it comes to tip toeing around such jobs. Some customers I encounter that have terrible oxidation on old aluminum siding can’t comprehend what oxidation is or what it can do when cleaning. When in doubt, walk away. Lol

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