OLD Comet p36 PARTS

This is a old comet p36 I was freshly rebuilt. Just to find out input shaft was bad. Its got new seals and bolts. I will gladly ship it if you cover the shipping.

How much would you want for it?

I really just need all the plastic parts and the valves and membrane

Pay the shipping you can have what i got

See, getting things cleaned out already :joy:

I quit using the p36 years ago i think i have 2 in shop. One of them is still in the box i believe

I live in Richmond hill Georgia . Please let me know how much I need to send you.

Would it be ok if I send you my phone number ?

Pm me

Not exactly sure how to do that on this site lol

How do I do it?

Hey man, sorry but although it may be simple, I can’t figure out how to pm you on the site. I thought I was pretty good with computers but I guess not lol. Please call me if you can 7723428799. My name is gigel.

just click on his pic/name and then the little envelope

I tried that but for some reason I can’t seem to get my phone to work right

are you on safari? i know if i use the PWR shortcut app, the website barely works for me. but in normal safari it’s fine

I’ll try that

Do you still have this?