Oil Stain Cleaning

Any tips on how I should clean an all black asphalt driveway. They dropped olive oil on it and it made a massive stain. I know cleaning black asphalt can be tricky and stripes can be an issue. I have F9 double Eagle degreaser any recommendations or tips ?

Per the F9 cookbook…

So short answer, don’t use Double Eagle.

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Thank you so much! Helped alot, what would you recommend using?

From what I’ve seen I think a professional grade degreaser, some dawn dish soap with few good scrubs works good. Finish that off with a medium pressure wash enough to remove the dirt but not leave noticeable streaks. What do you guys think?

I would definitely hold off on degreasers for now, let the other stain experts chime in. Last thing you need to contend with is a pale grey spot on an otherwise dark driveway.

You can call that 800 number in the pic as well.

I wouldn’t bother with it. Asphalt isn’t really designed to be “cleaned” per say

Where I’m going with this is, More than likely your coustomer won’t be happy with the end result.

It never ends well, at least that has been my experience. Good luck if you decide to do it


Only time we had a client happy with the result was where they had a car flip over into their driveway, and subsequently leak all the fluids everywhere. Our crew used a 50/50 Gutter Butter mix with a short dwell time. Client was thrilled, but expectations had been properly limited, and anything was an improvement in that case…

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