Oil Spill Recommendations?



Prospect asked for my help on this stain. Although this isn’t my forte, I thought I would ask the brain trust about how YOU folks would handle this.

Behave yourselves, because I will be giving this person the link to this thgread.

Thanks, guys!

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Walk away. No win situation unless you have hot water and then it’s a crap shoot.

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That’s probably as good as it’s going to get. Time will help fade it away

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Concrete looks new too.

Hot water will get you closer but I personally dont see that going back to original. Oil dry piled on it, changed out often may help.

This can be avoided mostly with acrylic sealer. Even siloxane sealer.

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I don’t see it getting much better under any circumstances. Heat and a strong degreaser may help a little but it will never go away. The only way it will look any better is if the rest of the concrete was stained.

Ditto x7 or so. That’s as good as you’re going to get if it hasn’t been sealed.

I can’t copy the link for some reason, but use search for Jiffy Lube done messed up. It might help reduce it another 10% but still gonna have a shadow

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Why ask us what to do after the fact? The first thing that should have been done was put cat liter on for a couple of days. But since that wasn’t done you can use this

https://www.eatoils.com/product/bt200 - It’s a fairly long process though to remove most of it.


The dealership that loaned the car is on the hook for the repair. I was asked for expertise after-the-fact and simply brought It to the pros.


kitty litter ground in with a boot and then hit with purple stuff that has high butyl and caustic would be my advice


Your expierence with this stuff is that it actually works? I’ve always wanted to try it but the time line and cost has been prohibitive. I seen one guy doing parking garages with them. But he is kinda out there. Come to find out, he’s coming out with his rebranded product.

This high butyl and caustic wont etch concrete?

Concrete is alkaline, like caustic…I’ve never seen the purple stuff damage concrete…has anyone else?


Theres de-oil-it, and/ or a propane torch since is relatively still fresh.

It works, just a multi day process

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(I havent had the chance to get 1st hand experience on this method.)

It works, I do it quite often and the only thing is that it takes some patience if you’re using a small torch like myself haha

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FYI, I am reviving this. First oil stain customer that wasn’t happy with the results. I did warn them there would be a shadow but I thought with ZEP and Purple Power and hot water I’d be able to remove most of it. I did not. I saw the YouTube videos on this and went with a blow torch set at the very lowest setting. A small piece of concrete chipped off right in the middle of the stain. I am meeting with her tonight to discuss options on repairs/compensation. I do not recommend this method at all.

I have learned, to tell them OIL will never be fully removed from Concrete unless it’s soaked up immediately after the spill. Once it’s in - it’s in. We can take/remove the top surface but the shadow will always be there.

Do not make my mistake and this method unless your ready to pay for it to be repaired.

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Several times I’ve mushed caustic beads into a wet paste on an oil stain on a driveway and got alot of it out. Works for a can of oil based deck stain accidently kicked over in a driveway too… Attempt at own risk.