Oil spill on pavers

I never tried any oil cleanup jobs but this is pics from a potential client. I have ebc and tried it on a few driveways, it seems to only get off the fresh layer of oil. Not sure how long this has been on the clients property. Any recommendations how to remove these stains efficiently?

That wouldn’t be a hydraulic hose breaking from that excavator parked in the back ,would it ?


Flip the bricks over… :man_shrugging:t2:


Looking at the trees, would have been since at least last fall.

Edit: check the info on the pics that they sent you, should have the original date they were took in the details. You are probably not the first these were sent to, ask for updated if your walking shoes aren’t already tied up.

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I agree with @MPS. It’s a pretty old pic,which means it’s had plenty of time to soak deep into those porous pavers, Imo your gonna need some heavy duty degreaser , not big box store sis stuff.And plenty of hot H2O…

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That’s what I asked first, she said it a oil tank leaked from a dump truck.

Yeah ,it’s hydro oil from the wet tank to dump the bed of the truck. It’s definitely not motor oil,to clean. I’d go with a heavy duty degreaser like hcs 400 or 600 from hydrochem. I wash big rigs for a living, so I use degreaser like ya’ll use SH. As for the method of cleaning I’m assuming a SC with hot water. You’d be better of asking somebody like @Racer for dwell time,method etc

I don’t have a hot water unit, if anyone knows if it is possible to clean without hot water let me know!

That sure is a high dollar driveway. Be a nice $$ job

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I wouldn’t attempt with cold. Still going to have a good shadow left after using hot

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This what I would do.

Get a strong degreaser, spray in on straight! Spray it heavy!!! Let it soak in and repeat at least 4 times… Let the degreaser sit on the pavers for 24 hours.

Show up 24 hours later, spray it again… hit it with Hot water, rinse rinse rinse with hot water slowly over each paver… let it dry for 24 hours see how it looks… if a shadow is left wait another 24 hours and hit it with a torch gun to burn whatever’s left

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Why are they just now approaching you to clean up? Without heat, you’re not going to do much with it. You can rent a hot water machine. This is not a cheap job. We’re talking several thousand dollars no matter what.

I agree with Chris, if they want it gone completely then need to flip them and re-sand, which you may or may not want to do. Suggest they put a good sealer on when fixed, which it doesn’t look like they have any on. You can do that portion and make more than you can cleaning it.

The one other choice you have is this. Scroll about 1/2 way down the page and they talk about pavers. It’s multi - step process.



Here are some images from a hydraulic spill that I did about a year ago. Much smaller and got there about 6 hours after it happened. After 2 separate cleanings with hot water and throwing everything in the book at it you can see the results and spending around 10 hours on it. The building front had to be repainted. Don’t know what that cost. I charged $1000 and it should have been $1400, seriously. So don’t go in there with some stupid $500 bid for all that. Pavers going to be much harder.

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Walk away


I would try cleano

You are going to need hot water. Without a doubt. Rent a hot unit and get the correct chemicals or walk away. From what you’ve stated so far…walk away.