Oil Rig Cleaning

Does anyone here have any experience pressure washing land oil rigs. I hear there is very good money in it. Ya just need man power and the proper machine.

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I noticed this was a thread from long ago, I live in south Texas and have opportunities to clean some rigs and didn’t know if you found this to be a profitable venture for you or if you decided to pursue it. Any insight?

Alot of oil companies have their own crews that do it, but if you can get in with them, than its good $. But you’ll also be dragging your rig across those bumpy rock locations all the time. You’ll also have to have a ton of water, unless they have a water truck on location to pull from, but even then, you will be changing filters out like its going out of style. The best advice I can give, is to wash the rigs on their yard’s when they rig down and are between drilling jobs. Or have a PW rig dedicated to the oil patch life.

yeah thats kinda what I figured. I worked in the oil field for awhile but mainly on the frac side so I never really saw anyone cleaning rigs. I did clean retention pads though and the water we used on that was nasty. If you don’t mind me asking, how much are you able to charge cleaning a rig and with how many crew? The only part that worries me is I want to be close to my family and I don’t have any hands yet. I don’t know if I can trust a crew to do a good job cleaning on a hourly basis 3 hours away from me

I ran a wash out service in Karnes City in the Eagle Ford shale play. Mainly, we washed out frac tanks & vacuum trucks. To do that kind of work you also have to be able to deal with the waste product. We did get request to wash equipment like work over rigs but never a full on drilling rig. Those things are nasty & with how they are made there are so many surfaces so you’d need to get all over it from all different angles and even when collapsed I think you would need some kind of a lift & you may still need to collect the waste water dispose of it at an injection well facility? Not sure. I would think that fleet washing would be a more feasible option. When I was down there, not many trucks were getting washed but its been a few years. You can get some good money but would likely have to be willing to work nights? Not sure if this is good info or not, guess I’m just sharing some of my experiences from South Texas.