Oil filter for gx690

Hey guys anyone know if and what filter i can get at local pep boys or advanced auto for my honda gx690 ?

The the number on the present filter…they can cross reference for a match.

What do you guys usually use oem honda filters or ?

Only honda oil and filters. Not worth it trying to save a dollar and void a warranty or take a gamble.

Any good online suppliers ??? And what oil you reccomend for the pumo will order that as well

If you are really concerned about voiding the warranty…better take it to a dealer so he can document the proper interval oil and air filter changes, as well. Warranty info on Honda engines clearly states that improper service practices will void warranty, as well. Better be careful…

Not trying to save money on maintanence thats for sure hell i buy my own filter and oil mobile 1 figure a $100 per oil change on my f150 amd other cars… main reason i am aski g here is i want recomendations for where tp order amd best stuff i can get thats recomended and then i do it myself so i know it gets the good stuff in it instead of hoping the mechanic actually does put it in…

Not too worried about the warranty just want the machime running on best i can get

I know what you mean…it is more of a convenience thing of being able to get the needed items locally rather than having to order and there are plenty of quality products that will not void the factory warranty.

Amazon is the easiest place to get oil and filters. 40w non detergent for the pump

Other filters may cross reference but the bypass pressure is different. A fram will cross reference with a mobile one but would you want to use it? Engineers in climate controlled labs designed the best filters for their equipment. I’m not going to second guess them over a dollar savings. Get ehat you want to, these are just my suggestions that work for me. I have hondas with 3000 hours. Oil change every 50 hours. Oil and filter every 100 hours.

K honda filter amd oil it is then. The udor pump needs what oil again ?

40w non detergent

Northern Tool here keeps the Honda filters in stock if you have one close to you.

Found a local dealer i pass by once every 2 weeks so damn happy… got honda filter amd amsoil oil.

The udor pump amsoil iso100 SAE 30/40 is the best i can fill the udor with correct ?

I gave my recommendation on what is the best it’s your machine so put whatever you think is best in it I’m a firm believer in using what is required by the manufacturer

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