Oil change for AR

Hey I see this AR pump takes SAE 30 but is it non detergent or regular sae 30 thanks for the help and how often should I be changing?

ND30 is what they use, that’s what engineers at American AR told me. Have one on my 5.5 gpm.

Change it after 50 hours to get rid of any metals or debris. After that, it never has to be changed. I change the oil in my udors at 5k hours but an AR well never see that many. It’s just an oil bath. The oil doesn’t break down. There is no need to change it

Change after first 50 hours for break-in. Then I usually change mine once a year. I put an hour meter on my washer back at the end of May of this year (2022) and at the moment I’m at about 120 hours on it being just a part-timer. Oil doesn’t go anywhere unless you suck/dump it out, or you have a crack in the pump housing/sight glass. ND30 can be had at just about any auto parts store or even in the pressure washing aisles at the big box stores.

Are you talking pump or engine?


After changing it after the first 50 hours, you’re good to go for another 500 hours.

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Auto parts stores usually keep it ‘in the back’ somewhere if you ask for it. ND30.

I change mine once a year on the GP, for some reason the oil gets pretty dark.

GP recommends every 300 hours so that’s probably about right.

Spend the money wisely next time and buy a udor, those AR’s are really only good for backups and loaning out to folks.

My supplier has me using 15w 40 diesel oil in my pump. Its been great the last few years. The nd30 left my oil with a darkish tint to it. Not anymore with the diesel oil. I guess i change my oil to much. Probably every 75 hours, just a guess because I don’t have an hour meter

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