Oil beyond belief


Also, if your drainage isnt that great, be sure to use a 4 gallon machine. Not sure what you typically run but 8 gal would be making lots of work for you getting it out.


I don’t know why I’m liking this post so much, I’m like excited, wish I had to do this job, lol

Post pics of the progress if you get this job!

You could also use straight purple power, just dump it everywhere and scrub, let it dwell, then wash.
Also use ebc, don’t skimp out on degreaser

But totally know where the water will go, would be terrible if it just spilled out into the parking lot


Thanks everybody for taking the time to reply, you’ve given me the confidence to bid this job and now I’m waiting to see if they’re going to go for it or not. I’ll keep you posted if I do get it.


Power Stroke would also work well on the first go around… Around 6 bucks a gallon half drum kit 160.00 makes 28 gallon’s. It works good!!


Looks easy with the right chems, heat & a reliable method to get the water out.

I did one much worse - a truck mechanic workshop that hadn’t been cleaned in many, many years. There was a thick layer of dirt & oil that was very slippery to walk on - no idea how they did any work. Did it with lots of Sodium Hydroxide degreaser (IIRC I would have bought powdered SH and added it to another degreaser, applied at low volume with an x-jet, allow to soak, then repeat & repeat - time is your friend), heat & used a vacuum recovery s/cleaner. I was about 800m2 (8000 sf?) and took about 9+ hours. My prefilter on the vac system filled a 20 litre (5 gal) bucket with solids.
Even if you don’t make your target $/hr you will have gained some valuable experience.



I submitted a bid for $2500 and won the job. I’m a little excited but also a little nervous as I’ve never done a job like this before. I just look at it as a well-paid education. Thank you for all of the input guys I really do appreciate it. I will keep you guys posted with before and after pics of this one .


You’ll be fine, esp for that price. Call if you need any help.


Thanks @Racer I just may need it.


Great job! Second big win this week!

Do you ever consider doing a demo patch for free? Gives you a chance to see what it would take and provides compelling demo for customer.


I did a demo earlier in the week with the Diamabrush for stripping and staining a 900sf deck. Closed it a few days ago. I’ve actually closed eight jobs this week, 4 of which were sizable. My head is spinning right now, never thought I’d be so busy my first year. I feel blessed beyond words right now. I owe much of this to all of you guys who took the time to help a brother out. Thanks again!


Happy for you, Great bunch of guys here… Love this place too


Derek, Saw a post somewhere else today, one of the cleaning FB pages, and guy posted some pics of a mechanics shop that looked about the same as the one you got. The after pics were really good. He used Purple Power and EBC but he said he cleaned it 4 times to get it to look that good. I was figuring you’d need to do at least twice, but may take 3. Just depends on your customers expectations.


I guess it’s a good thing I take advice from you guys because that’s exactly what I ordered to tackle this job…EBC and Purple Power. Thought about grabbing some Greased Lightning too since it’s cheap and readily available. I just haven’t figured out how to manage the wastewater. Never seen a reclamation system before. Is that something that could be rented? I think I’m missing that part of the process.


It’s a barrel with a vacuum and some type of filter. Some have an auto pump out feature (auto shut off sump pump) directed to landscaping. Instant recapture would make your life easier in some ways, but your surface cleaner needs to be equipped for it.

Storm drain protection.
Go to Lowe’s and pick up a roll of rubber matting 6’x4’. Cut it into 2x2 squares. Drop over storm drains.

Second, Lowes plumbing dept. Blue filters. 4 to a drain minimum. $6 a piece

Third, sand booms powerwash.com. Use for containment/redirection.

Fourth, Simer sump pumps wrapped in screen mesh. Use to capture and redirect to landscaping.

I have a complete capture system sitting doing nothing. Where are you located?


Perhaps throwing a 5gal of clean water down to see where it goes. This will help manage it when you start cleaning.

Is it draining outside or is it going to stay in the shop?

Potential problems:

  1. Wading through a huge puddle.
  • Increases striping issues
  • gets you soaked an filthy dirty (probably no way around that with this job…)
  • can’t really see what you’re doing

Will you be working alone or with someone? Floor squeegee helps get the stuff out from under your feet, if you have a helper.

They also sell SHOPVAcs that have a pump out feature 3/4" hose. I tried one once but wasn’t impressed. They may not be able to keep up with the gpms.


I’m in West central Indiana (Terre Haute, IN)


Rent a 32" floor scrubber. Run it dry only using the vac and scrubber. You wont regret it. You may find your better off hitting it twice, a rough and a final.


what is done with the water after running it through a filter? Wont it still have oil in it?


Here’s one before & after pic along with another after pic. Wasn’t able to get the stellar pics I had hoped for but it looks awesome. Purple power was the primary degreaser I used but I did use some EBC as well. X-Jet EBC with no orifice and purple power straight in a pump up sprayer…scrub with “bulldozer” push broom then PW with lots of heat.


Owner should love that. Glad it worked out. How long did it end up taking you?