Oil beyond belief


Two long ass days…12 and 13 hours respectively. Wastewater was the biggest obstacle. Had to shop vac most of it and dump in a private pit that was on one end of the building. Looked like a big drain but it was a pit of some kind. If there had been adequate drains I would’ve been done in one day.


Told you that might be your biggest problem was the drainage. Knew you could get it cleaned. Did you have to go over it twice, or Just Purple Power the really bad spots?


There were a few spots that I had to use a bent pole scraper to remove the grime…it was over an inch thick in a couple spots…there was probably only 10sf like that luckily. I had to go over one part twice because in between the two days that I worked on that job, he hired somebody to come haul a bunch of crap out of the loft above and they drove their truck and trailer over the dirty parts and tracked it all over the parts that i cleaned the first day.


That’s bad. I would have been ticked.


Glad it turned out so well. really nice job on it. You’re building your wealth of knowledge up quickly taking on jobs like this.


Me too. I like to see results when working this is a perfect project to see that.

Been wanting to try this out


Looks great


Nice work!!!

Yeah these jobs always challenge you when it comes to redirecting waste water… You did great man!