Oil based Wood stain on concrete

Hey guys, a lady called me after she had a company stain the deck and spill a bit of stain on her concrete. How would you go about cleaning this off? The stain used is Behr premium which I’m fairly sure is oil based. Any suggestions? Don’t mind the white area surrounding the stain. That was a failed attempt and has since been removed.

Good luck with that one. Curious to see if anyone else has some ideas. That stuff is 1/4" deep in the concrete by now.

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Can try some sodium hydroxide with a touch of butyl added but I have never put it on concrete and have no idea what it would do so maybe wait till some of the stain guys show up. @MDA1775 would be a great guy to ask. I’m sure he’s encountered it before in his work.

I got bit of info at a training I went to in TN about 1.5 years ago, haven’t used it.

TSP, baking soda, dawn, apply, agitate, rinse, reapply as needed. They claimed it took oil stain off a driveway that sat for awhile.

It was a husband and wife team from TN that do a lot of staining. I have it in a file on my PC in case I have problems. DOn’t let that TSP mix run down the concrete, TSP will lighten concrete color if left to run and dry. I used to use it painting exteriors as a cleaner.

I would wait for MDA to chime in, he has enlightened me, him and chad who is not on the forums any more.

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When I’ve had a few spills and I’ve had massive ones when a hose blew (gallons), I’ve always been on them right away. That looks like it was transparent or they got the pigment up and left the oil. I’ve used hydroxide and butyl on concrete without great results. Rick nailed it about being deep. At this point I’d treat it like I would treat it like any other deep stain and crush cat litter or oil dry in to it multiple days in a row to try and pull as much up as you can. Then hit it with degreaser to minimize what is left. It’s worked pretty well in my own driveway, wife hasn’t noticed it…


That’s what SSE recommends huh? I’d be interested to see how well it works. Didn’t think you could even find real TSP anymore. Steam would probably get it up but not many folks have real steamers.

No matter what you do, may be a money loser for you. Most clients aren’t willing to pay for the amount of time you’re going to mess with it.


No, SSE doesn’t recommend it, it was info from some contractors that were there, husband and wife team. I spend about half of my time at training sessions talking to contractors. It is really enlightening to hear all the ways people tackle the same or similar tasks and the methods and the products that they use.

I like talking to the sales reps from the manufacturers about issues I have with their products. Most of the time they know all about it, and hear it often. Sometimes the fix is in the pipeline, just waiting for corporate. My eyes glaze over when they start talking about fence installation.

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