Off for 3 weeks...WORLD CUP

Not doing any PW for the remaining of the world cup!

“Whehhhh”(sigh of relief), replied the collective industry. Do not read for 5 more days, still on self imposed watermelon restraint.

We like it this way, more civil

Hope the diet is working.
Less stress.
Now a colonoscopy…:thinking:

Id have to charge more to watch soccer than i do for pressuring washing.


Amen to that. Not sure how to shut down a business to watch grown men play ball. Then again, I’ve never watched any sport on tv, ever(except nascar, if that is a sport)

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But it is a world event. Football, as is called world wide.
Watching grown men drive around in circles waiting to see who gets dizzy first and hit a wall is not interesting to me.
Each sport is different, but only few are worlds sports



Surely this is a joke?

Lol, I’m dying here.

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He’s pulling our chain, right? No American actually does that.

I am serious

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Baloney. No one takes 3 consecutive weeks off work to watch the most boring event to ever air on television. Why not just watch the beginning of a game and then go wash a house and come home and catch the end? Know what you’ll miss?.. NOTHING!!!

@Steve easy. Don’t encourage him to wash. In front of his tv is the perfect spot for him.

PW is not the only business i have.
Besides The World Cup is only 4 weeks!!!
You own your own business, relax, use it, take advantage of it.
You dont punch a clock or work for others, or make money for others while they golf, do you?
Enjoy life when you can, while you can!

Does USA wven have a dog in the hunt?


I rest my case

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I shut down from 11-12 for the price is right…every week day


If Bob was back, it would be more believable.

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