Odd issue with my PW

My PW is randomly losing pressure and cutting in/out like it does when you’re low on water. I know it’s not a water issue as I’ve checked That. It does it with both guns snd even just the ball valve. Any ideas where to start?

You did check your filters clogged. How does it with a FULL TANK all hoses straight no kinks wound up?
I had low pressure and I checked all the things above took apart for something in line.
I also pulled out my whole hose 150’ wound it back up and turned on and it was fine…

Yeah I’ve checked all of that.

It comes and goes. It’ll be cutting out acting like it’s starved for water as soon as you start spraying and after a few seconds it stops and works just fine. Then it’ll do it again. This is with a full tank, no kinks, no other issues from what i can see.

Where does you bypass return to the tank? Is 8t pussible you are getting air bubbles in the inlet when in bypass which get pulled in causing the pump to act up?

Also does the motor bog out cough sputter back fire or anything?

Or is it possible your belts are slipping?

The bypass empties into the top of the tank and has always and never an issue with it. I guess it’s possible the belts are slipping.

I relocated the downstream injector from the unloader to the hose reel, and also changed the pump oil which is slightly too full. Thats the only things that have changed since this problem started.
No the engine doesn’t do anything abnormal.

Just check and the belts are good and tight and show no signs lf slippage. Don’t understand what could be causing this. The oddest part is that it starts when you first pull the trigger, last maybe 10-15 seconds and then starts working normal.

When you first pull the trigger do you still get the initial burst of pressure or is it sputtering right off the get go?

Still get the burst of pressure. I was out working on it earlier and noticed that if you just hold the gun down that the pressure fluctuates quite a bit. Sometimes the stream will lose several feet of distance and them go back to full pressure and just comes and goes. I’m starting to wonder if it’s an unleader problem.

My thought exactly. Almost sounds like it might need taken apart and oiled. Like its getting stuck in bypass or partially in bypass.
Easy test is pull out your bypass hose, run it for a bit trigger on trigger off etc. If you notice increased flow in you bypass as the pressure drops then it is probably the unloader.
I personally never take them apart to fix or rebuild, just swap out for a new one.

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I’ll take it apart abd clean/oil it today. I’ve been wanting a zeromatic so sounds like a good time to order one.