OA on painted wood siding?


I have been reading OA and siding threads and searching for a bit but mostly find references to OA on concrete and vinyl and really not much on painted surface. Same elderly family friend as my other topic about black patio ceiling. They have serious rust stains from well water fed sprinklers on what appears to be (ATB) painted wood siding. Planning OA/H20 in a pump sprayer to remove rust from their siding. Now I am questioning the ability to remove the rust without excess paint damage using OA on their yellow painted siding.



I used it on paint with a pump sprayer yesterday. Worked great.

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I’ve neve tried OA, but F9 barq works great. I’ve had good results with it on painted surfaces. I’m sure the OA is fine as well, just never tried it.

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Thanks for the replies.
I’ll test down low on a side first to ensure no excess damage.

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two totally different surfaces. OA works just as F9 works on paint. F9 works wayyyy better on concrete.

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