O-ring replacement

Hey, what is the cheapest place to get replacement o-rings for a cap pump?

What is a cap pump and why is the lowest price the absolute deciding factor?

Welcome Johnny.

I’m not sure I understand the question, either.

I don’t base the maintenance of equipment that makes me money on “Cheapest Price”.

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Hi everyone! Thanks for the welcomes. Typo, I misspelled “cat pump”. Cost is definitely an issue for a small local business like mine. Prices are outrageous for o-rings as is. Is there any good online stores anyone can recommend?

Cat pump parts are more expensive than others but the cat pumps that I have had are worth the effort. I really like Johnny Tsunami but I get a bit nervous around a guy that frets over oring pricing. Just saying.

I can’t find a set of rings for less than a hundred bucks. Is that normal? I’ve never rebuilt a pump before. Any constructive help would be great… Cat is the only company that makes the rings so it’s not as if quality will be compromised by getting them from a company that sells them for less than average. I don’t think it’s a bad thing to want to get the lowest price on something that will be the same no matter where I buy it. Any help would be great!

How many hours are on that cat pump? Cheaper pumps use cheaper kits but in my experience don’t last as long, thereby making the cheaper option more expensive.

I know, I know, you really want to know the cheapest place to buy cat o-rings. The best price I ever found on Cat parts was CPW equipment, Jonny Martin. Mont Alto, PA. 717-765-9478

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Johnny do you have part number?

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[MENTION=6510]Tim4[/MENTION], thank you! I’ll check it out! It’s a brand new Cat pump I’m building myself. [MENTION=6958]MHinderliter[/MENTION], I’m sure I do, let me check and get back to you!