Numb hand

ia something wrong with me but ever night and morning i wake up with numd hands

I had it too for months after i started using 8.5gpm machines. I did go to a chiropractor. It went away eventually.

thanks i hope it goes away it sucks

Mine do it to i thought it was because i broke both my wrist few years back rope swing haha
Turns out it may be carpal tunnel i think i spelt that right

it mainly happens when im using a turbo nosle i spell horribly

That was from counting ya money lol!!!

You most likely have a pinched nerve, nerves in your neck branch off to each side and control the hands. I had a pinched nerve on the left side, had surgery 5 years ago and my left index finger is still numb. You could also have carpal tunnel syndrome. My advice is go to a Dr
ASAP. It gets worse with time.

It could be from all the trigger squeezing. Maybe go see a chiropractor.

im going to a doc this week its geting worse