NSB5050 pump with a Simpson 420cc

Would it be possible to run this setup?

using belt drive or gear drive, yes. do you want a 5kpsi 5gpm pump? I’ve got one for sale.

I guess I have the option for both, belt or gear, thanks for the offer though, I just got a free Northstar 5k psi with a GX660 on it, I took the NSB5050 from the GX660 and I want to run it with 420cc, on the GX I plan to add a 8gpm or higher if possible too.

If you want to use the 420 engine will not get the pressure out of it. Not enough powerfrom the engine. So you will need to have a new unloader that you can set down to 2000 psi with a flow rate of at least 5gpm or more. Personally I would recommend the k1 unloader.

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