Nozzle fan edges too strong?

I apologize if this has been answered but I couldn’t find anything. I just have a small gas 3200psi machine that I mainly just do vehicles with. I used it recently and noticed the fan edges were way stronger the the rest of the fan on my 25 degree nozzle. I changed tips but they all seemed to be doing the same thing. I haven’t used the PW in a while but don’t remember it doing this.
I have a painted block wall I want to clean some asphalt residue off the bottom of it. Most of the nozzle fan will do ok taking it off but the edges are peeling the paint off! I tried from 15 degree to 40 degree tips but they all did the same. What’s up?

You don’t want to hit anything painted with 3200psi, more like 1500 or less.

Thanks but I was mainly using the block wall to describe the consistency of the fan from the nozzle, being extremely strong at the edges. It is my block wall and I could care less if I knock a little paint off lol.

what gpm is the machine? maybe your orifice is wrong and sending too much pressure and is uneven. either that or defective tips. I wouldnt know what else it could be.

I notice this with my electric pressure washer that I have for washing cars and small stuff like my outdoor rug. I think when you have small, low gpm machines you tend to need to get the tip closer to what you’re cleaning and will notice this more dramatically. With larger machines, you’re not so close to what you’re cleaning and the pressure is more evenly distributed by the time it hits what you’re cleaning. I think with small homeowner grade stuff, it’s just going to be that way due to the physics. The fan tip is forcing the water into a certain pattern and angle, so the outside edge of that pattern will be getting the most volume. Get a larger machine so you don’t need to be so close, or back the tip away and spend more time cleaning.

what’s the orifice size? hopefully you’re not using your old electric pw tips

No, I was saying my electric is stronger on the edges too, with the tips that came with it. I don’t use those on my real pressure washer.

ok good. i would clear the tips if any debris is in them, make sure the tips match your GPM, or just order a new set of tips.