Now I know how that cat felt 🙀

…on the hot tin roof :confused:

Seriously a hot one today.


Those hot days make it hard to keep sauce from drying on there. Gotta be quick with the hoses.
Nice Job!

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A few time It felt like I was melting.

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Yeah that’s rough. Here ya go neck fan.

Stay hydrated!

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I’m not wearing that, my boys would laugh me outta town!

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Hahahaha. I use a cool dry cloth thing for super hot football games myself. I just wear it inside my shirt collar. Never considered it for washing but might not be a bad idea.

If you wore the fans they’d tease you about flying away. Airborne!

One more reason why I always try to price myself out of cleaning metal roofs. Every time I book one I’m like “Man, I should’ve charged more!” I priced one at 1500 the other day, and I was so worried that I was gonna have to do it until I got an email two days later that he had gone with someone cheaper…:sweat_smile:

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We used those soaker bandanas a couple years ago, they were quick to loose the cooling effect.

Yeah I found it needed to stay fairly wet when it was super hot out +95-100.

That’s funny @Atlas1

We do a lot of roofs and 25-30% are metal. This one was really reflecting the heat as it was cleaned, crazy, crazy hot…and its only June :open_mouth:

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I went full body soak today, a few times :sweat_smile:

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I’d stop offering roof cleaning if that many of mine were metal. I’ve successfully avoided booking one now for over two years. (However, when I do book one, the trip to the bank makes it almost worth the trouble)


I LOVE roofs, as long as it’s not over 3 stories or I have to harness up.

I love roofs too, just not metal ones…It’s the hand scrubbing that I really hate. Have you come up with a way to do it without scrubbing them? If so, I’m all ears.

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That came out brand new :+1::+1:

The owners could not believe it.

I told them it wouldn’t come clean so I had to replace it. He said that’s amazing the guys who installed the other one took 5 days! :upside_down_face: