Not too happy customer. Need advice for Paver Patio

Hello! I feel bad making this my first post. However I’m in a bind dealing with a client. Dudes got a paver patio in his back yard and wanted it cleaned. Got this lead on Home Advisor. I told him that I don’t prefer to pressure wash paver because it rips up the poly sand and I’m not a contractor so I cant replace it after. I offered to softwash it, but he didn’t like that idea. He wants it pressure washed and said it was fine. I pretreated it with SH and ran my 14" surface cleaner over it. Doing double passes like I’m supposed to. Filmed the whole thing too. It came out much better than before considering it’s 20 YEARS OLD. He like it after I left. Got a call from him later saying that the middle portion is BLACK and I “Didn’t do it right”. He wants me to come back out and try again. Thoughts?

Looks like you partially removed the sealer.

I tried fixing that upload link for you, but no dice. Try re-uploading.

Here’s the before

From what I can see…

The sealer is failing, even before you cleaned it. That’s why you see a difference in color… Sealed vs not sealed.

It doesn’t look like you messed it up. But you should know this, and disclose it before washing…


The customer knew it.


“Mr. Johnson, Yes, I can clean your pavers, but be aware that your sealer is failing in these areas(point them out) know that my cleaning service will not fix this problem” Here’s the quote for the “cleaning”

Paver patio has failing sealer in some areas, Coustomer is aware of the problem. Understand cleaning won’t fix it and needs to be resealed.


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Ps: good job on the pictures


Thanks guys! Really apricate the help! I thought that it had been worn down buy the run off from the roof since it’s directly under it. Definitely gonna point this out in the future. Since I’m not willing to reseal it for him and not legally able too, I think the best route is just to refund him.

If you haven’t already, I would test a spot of that black with 4 or 5% and give it 10 minutes. Rinse and see where your at. The line under the roof is wet often, feeding algae.


This is good advice as a last resort. I’ve often hit a surface with a mix a little hotter than I thought necessary and, viola!,it starts melting off.


If it works, I think I would leave it at that. I likely wouldn’t pursue any sealing work for him.

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There are a couple things going on here. First you can def see these pavers are sealed. You can also see that there was some mold and grime on the runoff section. Notice the blackened grout lines. Thats mold and grime. Now granted I do see some pre existing failng sealant, but I see alot more after you washed it. You can see where too much pressure was used. On sealed paver like that all you need to do is a couple heavy coats of house mix, let it sit, and use the wand at much lower pressure, like a 2520 tip if you use 8gpms. Or change the tips on the surface cleaner for those jobs.


Copy that.

Pump spray with a strong mix then hit it with your surface cleaner again.

As a long-time time professional painting contractor, I can not believe some of you people would attempt to clean a sealed surface like this and NOT expect to seal it afterward.

Do me a favor, stay the hell away from sealed flat work if you don’t have the skillset to seal the surface after running your 8gpm machines at high throttle!! Some of you people really need to learn what you’re getting yourself into. At a minimum, have a painter on speed dial to seal the surface you just cleaned!!

I don’t seal stuff. I have washed thousands of houses in prep for painting and I’m not a painter. I have cleaned a lot of concrete for someone to seal, but I don’t seal concrete. I’ve cleaned a lot of decks for someone to strain. Why? Because I’m a washing contractor. Not a Handy man that washes, seals, paints, stains etc.


I will do you no favors with this attitude

What “throttle” do you suggest?

Exactly what this forum is for, learning what we’ve gotten ourselves into.

Many painters on google, the customer is free to call any which one they choose.

Why are you here then?

These are rhetorical questions, I don’t really care to read your responses.


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