Not pulling chemical with 100' of hose

I have a Blackmax 3300 psi from walmart and it is not pulling chemical with 100’ hose. It works fine with the 35’ hose that came with it and works fine with the 50’ hose I bought. But when I attach the other 50’ hose (100’ total) it will not pull the soap.

On a side note, I also bought a Raincovo Downstream Injector 2.0 but it is not pulling soap with any length of hose. I was told, I may need to drop down to the 1.5 I believe.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

You can’t get draw with that long of hose unless you have 3/8’s hose and a good injector. 35ft should be plenty long for whatever car or truck you are washing though.

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I just tried the injector right after the wand and it worked good. Any suggestions on a good Downstream Injector.

FYI, im using 2 - 50’ 1/4 hoses

To put a downstream injector on that pump you would have to plug the one on your pump and fabricate a fitting for the threaded pressure hose you have now. Not really worth it. This is actually a forum for washing contractors so you may not find much info searching here.

I am a washing contractor. Just started a pressure washing business with my son. Also, isn’t this forum for newbie questions?

It is. I made the assumption you were just trying to wash a car or something since you can’t wash a house or anything with that machine. My bad.

No worries. We did a 2700 sqft house yesterday and it worked like a charm. Granted we had to pull the washer around with the 50ft house and carry the chemical in a bucket, but it did the job great.

When you were on here 2 years ago you were researching for your lead generation business. Now you pop up with a pic of a homeowner type machine saying you’re in the pressure washing business w/o any read time in 2 years. We all have to start somewhere, understand that, but what you’re trying to do with that machine, really not what it’s meant for. The 50’ may be the best you’re going to get out of it. I ‘ve got a little honda powered machine like that, but have never even considered putting more than 50’ of hose on it. There’s a reason it’s on rollers.

That’s gotta be the smallest pump I’ve seen on a motor that size.

Do yourself a massive favor and take that back if possible and put a decent belt drive 4gpm+ on the credit card. It’ll get paid iff in a few housewashes.

I only say this because I was there four years ago.