Not getting fuel

So my machine on the top seems to be getting bubbles in the fuel filter and is not running well. I ran a -6 an fuel line from my 29 gallon fuel cell thats mounted under my trailer. Could it be my line size is too large and I should go to a -4 AN size? Or is it just that its up too tall to pull fuel that high? Seems to run better when the fuel level is higher in the tank. Or could it be that my fuel pump is bad I got this machine like 3 or 4 yrs ago and it sat in a box in the barn until now. It only has 20 hrs on it or so. Keeps running out of fuel though and wondering if I can just put a better fuel pump to replace the stock one or what. Idk any input is helpful and this is an old pic I can take pic or video if needed. Thanks guys.

Fuel pump is $25 and about 5 minutes to replace. Two screws, two 10mm nuts and two 100mm bolts. I’d do away with all that hob nob hose and run a straight single house from tank to filter to pump

I had a nice clean single hose and now have been adding and changing stuff this last week or so trying to figure out the issue. I would just buy a new fuel pump but if the machine is basically brand new I mean last week was the first time its ever been used I tend to think thats not the issue unless its to small to do the job I’m asking of it. If I replace the fuel pump fine but I will try it but is there an option you recommend that will siphon more or at greater hight? I know I have heard people say stuff about electric fuel pumps but thats just adding yet another piece of tech that can fail so I will if necessary do any of it but would prefer to go the easy simple smart route if possible. New line got it, I will also put a new filter on thats just one autozone had in a pinch I tried this Sunday vs the stock one.

I just use the cheap plastic ones. They’ll least at long as the engine will last. I’ve never changed a fuel filter or air filter.

Right but is your fuel cell 3 to 4 feet below your machine?

It’s about 2feet below and about 6ft of fuel line run

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Probably sucking air at one of the connections. More hose clamps = more places air can get in.


Yeah I hear ya and the reason for all of those is because I have been swapping different filters in etc. I will keep trying it and see what I can do here as today it ran ok but still has the bubbles at times. I’ll eliminate all the mess and see if that helps it more. Thank you!

Darn thing ran like a champ today :man_shrugging: now not sure what to think.

No one mentioned my field fix when I replaced the plastic barb with a barb from an old X jet haha.

That’s the hob nob I mentioned

What are those plastic attachments called that the plastic tie goes through? Need me some for the boat wiring.

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Plastic thingies. :grinning:


That’ll do. Il see what I can find lol


I think they’re “adhesive cable tie mounts”, or something similar.

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I don’t know I just had some at the shop and one is always on there stock.

ive had bunk fuel filters before, brand new. I couldnt understand what the problem was, they just wouldnt allow enough fuel thru if any. They passed air no problem. So, its possible yours is restrictive and pulling air from weakest area, which looks to be that xjet barb area.

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I don’t think thats the issue because it works fine when my tank is full and it was having the same issue with the stock fuel filter thats why I changed and have that filter you see there and all the connections. I redid the bottom of my line as well now and still had issues today.